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anyone been on this clinical trial drug?

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Sorry, I tryed everything else though, anything is worth a try if the doctor recomends it.When you are in a fight for your life anything goes. Bob Z

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I hope to get an appt with an Onc. who is licensed to dispense Iressa under compassionate use". I was referrrd to him by the manufacgurer, Astrazeneca, which was very helpful.

I am stage four Lung cancer. Good Luck.
Tom O

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Is this experimental drug covered by insurance?


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Iressa is discussed in the Summer edition of CURE magazine in the article "Breathing new life into lung cancer treatment" (www.curetoday.com). When I was first diagnosed, a friend called to tell me about someone she knows who had almost given up hope until she was put on Iressa and it has been like miracle drug for her. One of the speakers at San Diego's Cancer Survivor Day made it sound like this would be available to everyone by the end of this year. Good luck and please let us know if you go into this clinical trial and how you do.

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I have not, but my oncologist is the Director and Chief of Moffitt Cancer Center here in Florida. Iressa is the newest drug and has proven to kill cancer in patients in the study groups. Dr. Ruckdeschel was written up in the newspaper about a patient that there was "nothing more can be done". This woman was put on Iressa, the cancer was gone. For how long, no one knows, but her quality of life has exceeded anything she expected.

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My husband will begin Iressa Oct. 1. He is getting it thru the VA hospital in San Francisco. He's in Stage IV Adenocarcinoma - lung cancer. He's been through 4 rounds of Chemo - Taxol and Carboplatin and did very well meaning minimal side affects. So we're hoping the Iressa will arrest the cancer even further.

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