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dealing with death

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My father has just passed away, I dont know how to handle this, he was just 59, and honestly, I thought he would pull through this. I am far from my family and would like any support or advice on how to deal with this tremendous loss. Thanks

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I lost my dad in 1984. I was 21 and he was 58.It was so very painful,and I will never forget him.I used to think of him and cry,but through time I can look back and smile at the good memories I have. I believe there is a part of him with me always.Sometimes when I have problems I think what would dad say,and sometimes I can hear his voice giving me advice.Physically he has missed my illness and recovery,my marriage,and birth of my 2 children.I do think he was there with me in some level.
It helped me a lot by talking to others about my dad and I know someday I will see him again.
It'll take time to deal,but eventually it won't be as painful. Colleen

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there is nothing I can say to take away the pain but I lost two very close friends to cancer both had the same cancer as i did. It was very sad but it helped me to know that they both are in a wonderful place where they do not feel pain. They are no longer suffering, just like your father. If you ever need someone to talk to, just e-mial me. My name is Jessica j_mia1@yahoo.com

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Your father is wih God and I believe with you. Only time can heal a pain that runs deep inside you. I lost my Grandad, Grandmother and 2 very close friends to cancer. I try to remember what I did to make them more comfortable and happy in their last years, I try to live my life hoping and knowing they would be proud. I think back on the memory's and I still cry, but I will be with them soon.

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