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has anyone had a stem cell transplant?

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after many rounds of chemo including chop and four rounds of rutuxin i didnt go into complete remission and now the doctors want me to have a stem cell transplant with full body radiation at fred hutchison medical center. i have to live in seattle in an apartment for up to three months after the initial hospital stay (3 weeks). how can i afford to do this? i wont be working and im afraid of losing my house and truck for which ive worked very hard for. im not sure what to do or if the insurance company will help pay for the apartment. is there any help or does anyone have any suggestions for me? anyone ever go through this? im pretty much lost and i dont think SSI will help me.

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I had an autologous stem cell transplant in February.
I'm in Portland, and luckily I live within 20 minutes of the hospital (OHSU).
My suggestion is to talk with your doctor. I'm sure there are social workers at Hutchison Medical Center who will have the answers you're looking for, and who can get you in touch with the right people.
If you'd like to talk about the transplant process, I'd be happy to tell you about my experience.

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Sorry to hear you are having a stem cell. I went through it if you want to email me. As far as housing, check it out with the social worker at your hospital. You will be surprised at the help you can get. I am from Boston and they have the "Neely House" at my hospital which we are fornuate to use for housing. Good luck!!!!

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hi william.....there are things that u can do...i was in stage 4b and given tow week to live...there were only two hospitals in the country that would take me on being in stage 4b...my email is arsglpmik@aol.com....i had a bone marrow and a stem cell transplant it was in 99 and i now have the imune systen and i had to get all the baby shots again....good heath and with prayers michael please write as soon as you can....

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