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still looking for new friends

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hi all,
how are you all i hope fine and god still blessing each and one of ya out there. im looking for new friends and also like to know when does the chat room opens? does any one email me plz. im looking for survivors or those who still dealing with cancer.iam a 3 yrs survivor and pray i keep on being that way. well please email me and dont be scared or shy to call on a friend im here for you ! god bless:) shontell

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Hi Shontell,
Not much of a chatter but hate to see messages without a response. I am a 6 year survivor. What kind of chemo did you have? Do you have any residual problems from it? That is the main thing I have been trying to find out from survivors.

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Hello! I have some concerns and questions about ovarian cancer. I know yours was a May posting, but I hope you are still checking for responses.

On the 17th of this month, I will officially be a one year survivor of breast cancer! I am the first in my family that we know of with any kind of "female" cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy. One breast had DCIS, the other breast was cancer free. However, I took the drastic measures and removed both. That decision is not for everyone, but it was right for me! I am really concerned now about developing ovarian cancer. My uterus was removed in 1982 so I don't have to worry about that. My ca125 is within normal range. The intra-vaginal ultra sound on the ovaries only showed two tiny cysts...no pain ever due to this. So, basically, I am okay and should not be worried. Right?

Since both breast were removed, and no spread to the lymph nodes, I needed no follow-up treatments: medicine, radiation nor chemo. Guess I am considered one of the "lucky" ones. I would like to stay that way.

How was your ovarian cancer detected? Were there any symptoms?

Thanks for any info.

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Hi maryh: I was also diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago and like you I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy even though the cancer was only in my right breast. However, I also had cysts on my ovary and was told not to worry, but on Dec.20.02 I was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer. This after being treated for irritable bowel syndrome for one year. I was always feeling bloated and having bowel problems, and pain in my lower abdomen. In the late fall I went to three different Doctors and one emergency centre and they ignored my symtoms because of the Irritable bowel diagnoses, even though I told them that there was something wrong. It was not until fluid started building up in my abdomen and I went to emergency did they finally take me seriously. I was very ill by this time and had lost all my body fat because I could no longer eat. Please do not wait for this to happen, I should have continued to search for a Doctor that would listen. I am presently on Chemo, and I am on my third treatment. I am feeling better and now able to eat. I am up to 112 pounds. I am now 44 years old and I had breast cancer at the age of 31. I am hoping and have great faith that I will survive this also.

I am so greatful that I have found this website...thank-you everyone for sharing. Solange

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Hello! I will chat with you. What kind of cancer did you have? I had ovarian cancer when I was 23.

I hope to hear from you soon.

In Him,

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Good golly, this is my very 1st time e-mailing to anyone in this group,so bear with me. i just recently got my computer so i am new at that also. i am a ovarion survior of 2 years....just keep my fingers crossed and eat properly and exercise,plus a good additude which is hard at times. the same day that i found out that i would need surgery with a possiblity of it being cancerous....that very morning my sister passed away from panceratic cancer.....talk about being in shock,it was terrifing to say the least. are you left with any side effects from the chemo???? i have numbness in my feet,from the ball of my feet to the tips of my toes, doc says it will never get any better.....makes it hard to stand in one place for more than 2 hours. Plus theres always the worry...every little ache or pain makes me think somethings wrong. but we must stay positive and enjoy every little moment in life,don't you agree. do you have a fanily near by to help you thro the rough times? i have asister whom i am very close to and my mom, my son is close,but we are not all that close...but it will be nice to finds new freinds like you to lean on. til later flourgirl

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hi shontell,
i have just started getting into this program, it will be great conversing with fellow surviors,i have been free of cancer now going on my 3rd year, . after reading some of these discussions listed here, i realize that i never really asked my doc enough questions,for i don't know what my ca125 count was when i was or before my surgery...i guess i was to scared and i didn't want to know anymore than i needed to know...only that i was going to live,and that i fought for. the moening before i found out that i needed surgery,and that it could be cancerous.....i along with my family watched my sister die from pancreatic cancer........
iam 51 yrs. of age, i have 1 grown son, whom is married, 2 grand dogs.....no babies to spoil yet. i am living with my manfreind,for 6 years now.
i also hope and pray that the cancer stays away....but each nite before i go to sleep, i find myself feeling of my body making sure there is no unusual lumps and that everything feels normal...do you have those thoughts going thro your mind also.... my right ovary was the size of a football when they removed it, i knew i was putting on weight, but i was so consummed with my sisters condition that i didn't pay all that much attention to myself.... then one nite i layed down on the floor on my stomach to play with a puupy and i notice my stomach was hard like a rock....the next morning i doubled up with pain when i tried to put on my shoes.as i bent over...... thats how it all got started...i was stage 3....but doc is pretty sure he got it all..he took out all that he could, and did some pretty fancy stitching. Then i was scheduled to go thro 18 weeks of chemo, once every 3 weeks, for a 2 hr. drip. i had my oldest sister to take me...she has been a saint thro the whole thing.
well, thats all for now, type back soon. your freind susie

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I am 36 and was diagnosed Sept. 2002. I had surgery and just finished chemo. My CA125 is now 13, wish it was lower! I would like an email pal as well. I couldn't bring myself to talk to other patients or survivors during treatment--I didn't want to hear any more bad news. But now that it is all over, all the feelings I hid away are trying to bubble to the top. Maybe talking about it all now will help. Still looking for an email pal?

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