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1 year in Remission

carpentert's picture
Posts: 13
Joined: Apr 2002

I just had my 1 year check up yesterday, and everything looks good. I will know more about the bloodwork in 1 week. I really feel like its going to be alright, because I feel great!

Posts: 40
Joined: Oct 2000

I just want to say Congratulations! It must be a great feeling!

Posts: 8
Joined: May 2002

Wow... congratulations to you! And continued best wishes!

I hope to like you at this time next year!

How did you get through year 1 post treatment? Did you worry alot about recurrence? What did you do to keep yourself from freaking out about aches, pains, twitches, and driving yourself crazy with endless worry of "is it back?"

:-) LG

carpentert's picture
Posts: 13
Joined: Apr 2002

I do find that I'm a little more crazy when I get strange aches & pains. I'm doing really well though. I walk 3 miles each day with my dog, and take my vitamins. I'm slowly starting to loose all that weight I gained from the Kitril! I just try to not think too much about it, because I have better things to do than worry about getting it again.

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