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New nodule?

Posts: 29
Joined: May 2001

At my one year anniversary, a nodule was discovered on my unaffected lung. The CAT scan is Friday. Needeless to say, I am a little apprehensive, especially since I am also a breast cancer survivor. Any good thoughts?

Posts: 50
Joined: Apr 2002

NO problem,its just the cost of doing busness.Keep your head up and let them do whatever needs to be done.I had the same thing happen 2 months after they removed thetop one third of my right lung, they found2 nodules on my left, or unaffected one.They went in and removed them////That was 10 years ago an Im still here.DONT GIVE UP////

Posts: 29
Joined: May 2001

I asked for good news and you gave it. Thanks so much for listening. This week is becoming very long!

Posts: 1
Joined: Nov 2013

I'm very sorry to hear about your finding out about your nodule. 

I recently just found out in march of 2013 that I have a 4mm nodule on my right lung. My doctor who had done the CAT scan told me to just stop smoking. Im 18 years old and have smoked for 6 years and I'm lost on what to do. 

Just keep your head up and dont get all bent up and out of shape  about it. 

If you could just give me some feedback on what I should do, it would be greatly appreciated.

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