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Incontinence and general

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Hello. My handle is jimirish2 and this is my first entry into this web site, although I am a 15 year survivor of prostate cancer. I am incontinent, but I use a Cunningham clamp and wear pads at all times. These items have allowed me to live a very normal life. I am also impotent, but it has not been a major problem because of my age. I am very interested in learning about experimental treatments. One that is still in the animal testing stage (Yale University) is called "icon." According to the literature, the treatment goes to the cancer cell and cuts off its blood and oxygen supply so that it dies. Clinical results have been very promising, but I have been unable to learn more since last year. I also understand that work is being done with an old drug, thalidomide. From what I read, it has much the same effect. I will be interested in hearing the experiences of others.

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welcome to the site. Good Luck and congradulations on your 15 years.

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It's only been 3 years for me and I didn't use the cunningham clamp. I had an implant 14 months ago and I wear ONE pad a day at work and sometimes a home and weekends I don't wear any. I'm surprized that you didn't have an implant. meadc

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