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Another Surgery Story/Pt. 2

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Today is Wednesday, April 17, 2002, I have been back to work for almost a month. I am still incontinent. When I first had the catheter removed I leaked like a siv. Just as the doctor told me. (After I had the surgery) I was instrcted to do the kegel excersises. 100 X's a day. I did this with a 10 second count. (squeeze for 10 seconds, relax for 10 seconds.) I was extremely frustrated. I seen no improvements. I search for support groups and could not find one that dealt with incontinent. Or I didn't know where to look. I recently had a Bio-Feedback apointment on Monday, April 8th. I was given a "Cunningham clamp" to use during the day. This is a clamp used on the penis and it is released every 2 hours. It is suppose to get the bladder used to holding urine. I was also given a different regiment of exercises to do. I now do 5 excercises, hold for 2 seconds each. then do 5 excercises holding for 5 seconds each. this is done in the sitting, standing, then lying positions. I have to do thses 3 X's a day. Also I do 25 excercises holding for 10 seconds each, 2 X's a day. So far I noticed that when lying down and I have a full bladder feeling I can actually get up and go to the bathroom with NO leakage. With out the full bladder feeling I leak immediately. Also There is no change when standing or walking. I leak like crazy. One thing that I would like to have changed is, before the operation, I was informed what exactly to expect when it came to "incontinent". It is a lot more then just a little leakage, which was my impression. It would have been easier to take had I been informed how much I would have leaked. Thank God for my wife and family, for it is there continued support and understanding that this ordeal is as bearable as it.

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George, understand your frustation. Have wet my slacks more than once. I travel as a sales representative. I now use dark black slacks, have diaper type pads and also wish I would have known better about this prior.

Evidently, the radiated seed implant cooked a lot of parts and hopefully time will heal.
I still think about the options of doing nothing and accept wetting my slacks once and a while acceptable.
You too will heal. From the stories I read, some of our brethen have had this problem for 1-2 years! Hope you and I can be the minority that is less.
Good luck

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Thanks for the feedback. it's good to know your not alone in something like this. I also only wear dark parts. I cringe when I look at my kakie's hanging in the closet.
If it is an option for you, I am having success with the cunningham clamp. I wear it at work, and use the same protective pad all day. And that's more for drips you forget about when you release it every 2 hours. God speed my friend with your healing.

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George thanks for the information on a better way to exercise for Kegel. I hope things are going better for you now. I think this is the only concern I have about the upcoming surgery. GBY

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