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mall cell lung cancer

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Joined: Apr 2002

i am new to thi site, but am finding it very helpful. my question is this. my dad was recently diagnosed with small cell inoperable lung cancer in his left lung. he has undergone 3 chemo treatments (3 days each)and is now about half way thru a 34 day course of radiation therapy to the lung area. x-rays have indicated the tumor is gone, a new ct will be done after the radiation i completed. we are faced with the option of aditional radiation therapy to the brain as a prophlactic treatment. should he ??
many thanks for responding

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Hi, i have small cell lung cancer too. First of all, how old is your father? He seems to be wanting to fight this thing and i hope is doing well. That's wonderful about the tumor being gone! The thing about small cell is that it can come back very quickly. It prefers the liver and the brain. If he gets the radiation therapy to the brain, the chances of it coming back to the brain is 50/50 or he can not get it and take his chances. I am definately going to fight this all the way and i will be getting the brain radiation. There are some side effects that i am a little worried about but i want to live. Does he think it's worth it? Please keep me posted. I've talked to a few people that have absolutely survived this thing and so can he. Is he limited stage or extensive? If you want to talk to me my name is Cindy and my e-mail is cynthiacole90@hotmail.com. Keep me posted!

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a pet scan is next, that will show any molecular activity, cancer literally lights up, ct's show shadows. I had the pci, it was not easy but you figure that you have a 1 in 5 chance of getting brain tumors, it is the same ratio in smoking and lung cancer. The pci will make you loose short term memory temperary, your hair for 5 months, and so tierd you can not see straight, they will lie to you and say you should be over it in 6 weeks, but the ticket here is 5 months. It has been since august 2001 and I am okay now, they found a nsclc and I am due for surgery, the 22nd at 8 am, I am hoping this is the end of it for a while. May we all see eachh other perfectly healed

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Hi, I also have small cell lung cancer and have gone thru six months of three day cycles of chemo cocktail and six and a half weeks of rradiaton to my left lung also. I am also inoperable and the radiation doctor wants to do the prophylactic irradiation to my brain and I am also at wits end on what to do. I have chosen not to . I think it is a personal decision and deserves much thought and research\ on your part. good luck and I will pray for you

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Am I speaking with Michael? My husband has extensive SCLC. I believe your diagnosis is similar since it was inoperable. My husband is taking carboplatin/etoposide, and now the second course of radiation. Would you please tell us when you were diagnosed, and how are you doing now? Kind regards, Ann & Joe

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I was diagnosed with SCLC on Sept. 9, 1987 at the age of 45. Near the end of my chemo & radiation treatments I was given the same option. Knowing that metastasis to the brain is a normal path for SCLC, for me it was a "No Brainer!" I told them to do it. I got that far, why not cross the goal line.

Here I am, coming up on 15 years since diagnosis and enjoying life. Oh, my hair didn't come back as much as I would have liked, but what a small price for 14 years of fun and experiences I could have missed. The long-term side effects are really nil. There is apossibility of some short term memory loss but nothing that is life threatening. The positive is that it very well could be life giving. Question your radiaoligist oncologist about the side effects to help make the decision. H Your dad is probably feeling the effects of his chemo and radiation right now so a couple of more weeks, well...

If he and your family haven't found a support group, I highly recommend you give it a try. You can find one from your local american Cancer Society, this web site, you church, or other civic groups.

My best to your dad for a full recovery, and meany years of cancer free life to enjoy his hobbies, family, and work

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Please resume treatment on your dads cancer,my dad was diagnoised in2000 with sm cell and has went through the treatments , radiation,ect. and was in remission and this March found out that was back and had already spread to his brain,in which he went for his 3 month check ups but they neglected to CT the brain to see if any activity was going on there and he had 2 tumours in the brain and 1 in which had a blood vessel to burst and to cause him to have a stroke;the out come of this situation sad to say is that my dad and my best friend in the world passed away March 23rd 2002.So please keep on top of the CT scans and other testing!!!!
You're in my prayers and GOD BLESS!!!

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Your description of your dad's treatment is exactly the same as what I went through beginning January 2001. I went thru the brain radiation as well and other than losing my hair didn't suffer any side effects. The Dr.'s said that because I had small cell lung cancer and it often spreads to the brain that this followup treatment is recommended. I was even able to continue working full time while undergoing the treatment.

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