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new to site

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When I found out seven years ago that I had lung cancer, this discussion site did not exist. Boy was I scared and and feeling alone. Now everything is great. To evryone out there with lung cancer, hang in ther and believe in yourself. Do not, repeat, donot give in to your fears.

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When I found out I had cancer the end of January 2002, I was shocked and scared. After a couple days and breaking the news to loved ones and friends, I took an up beat attitude. I decided ok I have this, now let's beat it. Through all the tests and doctors visits I did receive good news that the cancer had not spread!!! It seemed like the surgery couldn't be scheduled soon enough and seemed like I had to wait forever. I was 5 weeks from the first notification to surgery, even though it felt like a year.

The first week after the surgery I still was pretty up beat, but once I went home, for some unknown reason I guess I thought I should be all better. Needless to say, I wasn't. Trying to manage the pain and trying to keep positive can be somewhat of a loosing battle. I have good days and bad days, although I think that is normal. I remind myself how lucky I have been because they caught mine so early and to have loving family and friends cheering me on, even when I am not so nice.

I just discovered this web site recently and how lucky we are to be able to chat with people in the same situation.


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thankyou Nancy

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my husband and i found out that he has lung cancer just this past Feb. and it has changed a lot of things for us. My fear is that he will give up before they can get him in remission

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