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Looking for new friends to revisit the past with

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I am 22 and have been thankful to be cured of leukemia for the past 15 years now. Though 15 years seems like a lot i still remember everything as it was yesterday and i feel that it is an important part of my past that i need to revisit. I have tried to do so alone but it simply doesn't work, so i let my fingers do the walking and decided to try to talk to people like me, who have experienced the same thing, and hope that we can both benefit from a friendship. Please write!

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Hi. My name is Lisa. I have not had leukemia, but my older brother had leukemia as a child. He is 31 years old and I believe he has been in remission for about 25 years. Unfortunately, I was so young that I do not remember much about his experience. I only knew that he was sick. Now that I think of it, we do not discuss his illness much in my family (unless, of course, I ask questions). I feel that my brother has difficulty in social situations and is kind of lonely most of the time. I am afraid that he is depressed, so I went looking online to see if there were any support groups for people who had childhood leukemia thinking that his childhood experiences had great influence on his ability to socialize and find happiness. It might benefit him to talk about his illness to someone who has experienced the same things as he has, but I'm not sure if I can get him to do so. Any suggestions / similar experiences to what I am describing? Any info. or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Lisa,
I had Leukaemie when I was 9, also at a young age. Like your brother I didn't talk to anyone about it for several years. I started to get down and depressed, and two years ago started looking for others who had been through similar experiences. Since then things have got better. ou, or your brother, are more than welcome to email me, tstagles@gmx.net.

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hi i suppose that i am pretty much in the same boat that youre in,though i do have 6 really good friends that helped me out alot. but lately they just do not understand.if you want to talk e- mail me at mgordie69

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Hello my name is Lauren and I am 16 years old. I had leukemia when I was 2. I would also love to revisit the past. Please write me back. This was written on 4/3/02. Do you have an AOL instant message name? If you do mine is lulubelle528.

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Hi there I would also like to revisit my past...I am 24 and I had a bone-marrow transplant for CML (turned to AML) when I was 13 years old. I think I am still in denial..It is still very fresh in my mind too....

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Hello- I am 24, and survivor of AML. I was diagnosed in March of 1994, and have been in remission since January of 1995. I consider myself very fortunate, and I am grateful for every day. I had a LOT of complications during my treatment, that resulted in many major surgeries. If anyone would like to contact me, please feel free to email me at: heatherslagle@hotmail.com. I have a desire to make friends with people that can truely understand my point of view, and who can laugh, scream and cry about the disease that has entailed our lives.

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