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Please help me

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I am 20 years old.....and for a few months now i have noticed blood in my feces. It has gotten worse...some days none, some days a considerable amount. Now, you think, WELL GO TO THE DOCTORS!...but i am sooo scared. My grandmother just died 2 days before christmas from cancer and I watched her slowly get worse. I counldnt tell my parents that I am dieing, i wouldnt know what to do...i am so upset, I havent told anyone, and its getting so hard. I cant stand to look at my girlfriend, mom, dad or my brother for too long, because the tears start to come to my eyes. I think i am dieing, I can feel it. I am starting to get sick and getting pains all the time now. I just need the courage to go and I am cant seem to get it....can someone please just talk to me. I really need some help, i dont know what to do. Is it worth silently hurting, so I dont hurt the ones i love til the last possible moment? I just dont know, but i feel like I am lost.

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Young Man -

The blood in your stool could be caused by a variety of things other than cancer - a polyp that has formed or broken off, a burst blood vessel, any number of other things. At your age, those things are more likely than cancer. But go find out! Colorectal cancer, found early, is curable. Colorectal cancer found in an advanced stage is much harder to cure. Go to a doctor!

And no - it's not worth remaining silent and not hurting your loved ones. You'll hurt them a lot more if they know you knew something was wrong and did nothing about it.

Go to the doctor now!

I let my symptoms go on for two years. The result was three surgeries, six weeks of radiation, and twenty-four weeks of chemo. Had I gone to the doctor when I first noticed the symptoms, I could have missed all of that stuff.

Yes. It's scary thinking you are dying. Yes. It's scary not knowing for sure.
But as scary as it is now, if it is cancer (which I doubt), it will be a hell of a lot more scary in six months or a year.

When you go to the doctor he will probably give you a digital rectal exam (it ain't all that bad), and he may order some diagnostic imaging tests. But going to either is not all that bad.

You can contact me at wiley_e@firn.edu if you want to talk further.
Bud Wiley

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Brad, by not going to the doctor, you are only making the situation worse. Rectal bleeding doesn't always mean cancer. You took your grandmother's death very hard and it has created even more fear for you. Make an appointment NOW and find out what is wrong. The longer you wait, the more serious the problem will get - whatever it is. Steve - 44 cancer colorectal cancer SURVIVOR

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I beg you to please go and see a doctor as soon as possible. It may be nothing at all but if it is something believe me you need to find out. I was like you and waited almost 5 years before I went to the doctor and by that time the tumor had almost totally blocked my colon. I am grateful to God that I am now totally healed from my cancer. Melinda 43 colorectal cancer SURVIVOR

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colon cancer kills fast. usually there is no pain until it's almost too late. (at least this was what I was told by my doctor). just go to the doctor. It can be cured if a person is seen by the doctor in time. I'm a 3 year survivor of colon cancer. I was diagnosed by one doctor with bleeding hemmorroids. (mistake!) The next doctor found out what I actually had. two months later, if the tumor had not been found, I'd been dead. I have children, and a wife, and they love me a lot. They are very happy I'm alive today. I'm sure your loved ones will be happy to if you make the right decission about going to see the doctor.

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Hope you went to see the doctor. There are many advanced therapies for colon cancer these days if that is your case.

Good Luck!!!

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I have survived the Big "C" since 1987 and started with testicular cancer. Several years ago I too had rectal bleeding occasionally and always thought that it was related to hemmoroids. My wife finally insisted I go for a colonoscopy. I was terrified. Let me tell you that this procedure was nothing and I was so greatful that I did it. The bleeding was from a polyp that had turned cancerous, They remove it during the colonoscopy. I went for a return visit and the site of the tumor was agian sampled and showed no trace of the cancer was left. Made a believer out of me. Colonoscopy is the best way to go. This will check all the colon and not just the lower third as with a sigmoidoscopy. Don't hesitate to go get this procedure done. It's fast and simple and you can put your mind to rest.

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