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thanks for the info

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hi,just wanted to thank all of the people who have tried to help answer some of my questions.my mom goes to the surgeon wednesday,wish us well.and i have one more question if anyone can answer it,or try to,she had her last mamagram about 14 months ago,then the one last week where they found the cancer.isn't that considered early detection?all i know about it right now is that it cannot be found from the outside,or felt.they had trouble spotting it on the mamagram.has anyone had any similar experiance like this?i am wondering if this is a good sign,bad sign,or normal or whatever.if anyone can give any info would be great,god bless,mark

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Hi Mark! I have a mammo. every 12 mos. Nothing was seen 1 year ago then the next one showed microcalcifications(3) very small specs. Couldn't feel anything. Had lumpectomy then had mastectomy because the cancer was more widly spread than the mammo showed. Mine was concidered early detection,stage 0,noninvasive DCIS. I had mastectomy and reconstruction. No need for chemo or radiation. I'm taking Tamoxifin for 5 years. Good luck to your mom. I'll be praying for her. Cathy

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