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Can't let you all down

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To everyone who responded so fast to my moan THANK YOU THANK YOU. I feel very guilty now for being so down when you are all so positive for me. So how can I give up the fight with all of you fighting for me too. I love you all. Pam

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The answer is you just can't give up Pam. Never, never give up. Don't feel guilty about being down, everybody has those times. Just hang in there. I wish we could all have good news every day, wouldn't that be wonderful? Best wishes to you Pam. I will say an extra prayer for you now. Judy

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Yes, Pam, you are a survivor and you have proved that to all of us - so don't give up on the fight now. We are all behind you 100%and our prayers are with you.
God be with you - Lucy

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Dear Pam,

Thinking about you this weekend and hoping you will soon have some good news. If wishes and prayers would do it, you will.

Hugs, Jean

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You are in my thoughts and prayers, Pam. You are an extremely strong woman and have helped so many of us on this network keep up the fight. GOD BLESS YOU!
Love & hugs-
Mel in Arkansas

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