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Diagnostic Tests Comlete

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Hi everyone,
I had all of my tests today, CT Scan, bone scan, Mammogram, U/S and chest x-rays. I then went to MD Anderson to have a consult with a surgeon. She is recommending chemo, then mastechtomy, then radiation. As soon as the test results are in I will meet with the oncologist again. He will file his treatment plan and then it is up to my insurance company to approve me to have treatment there. If they deny it I can appeal. SO that is where we stand. Just wanted to let you all know.

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Hi Tracy,
I am glad things are moving along for you. It always seems so difficult to wait for all that stuff, but then things begin moving really quickly.

I hope you can get your insurance to agree to the team you want.

prayers and hugs, cher

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Hi Tracy, Sounds like things are moving right along for you. I hope all works out the insurance without any trouble. That can be very frustrating. Hope you have a good Easter. Judy

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HI Tracy - I wish you lots of luck with the treatment that your oncologist prescribes for you. It is a rough road - but you will be fine. Just hang in there and keep us posted on how you are doing and hopefully your insurance company approves your treatments. God be with you.

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Hi Tracy! Good luck on your fight with this beast! You CAN do it! You have many reasons to win, the most important is for you and your family. We're all here when you need us! Cathy

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