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Relief at last from hot flashes ...

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I've been on Tamoxafin for a year now with no problems except those dreadful hot flashes and night sweats. I see from the postings that many of you are also suffering so I thought I pass on what has worked for me.

Firstly, Evening of Primrose does nothing for me. Then my naturapath put me on borage oil with Vit. E and that worked somewhat. More recently has has prescribed black cohosh (marketed under the name Newfem). After a week on this stuff - no more night sweats. Yay! I hope it lasts.

So my advice is, don't suffer but persevere and keep trying whatever is available until you find what works for you.



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Hi Carol,
I have been on Black Cohosh which is often available under its own name too, since my second A/C chemo treatment. I also take Vitamin E which helps my skin as well as the hot flashes and mood swings.
Way back before we got the new format I had mentioned that it worked but I guess you weren't here then.

I am one of those Appalachian hill herb women so I wasn't at all surprized that it worked, just surprized that my onco team didn't mind that I took it.

My grandmother swore by it and she was taking it from the time I was little girl until I was a teenager and even though she was about 70 when she died still had fairly smooth skin. Of course she didn't get hers at the health food store but went out to the hills and dug it, dried and grated the roots.

glad it is working for you too.

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Black cohosh reduces night sweats because it acts as a phytoestrogen (estrogen from a plant source.) Some oncologists feel that estrogen is estrogen. If you were estrogen receptor positive I would check with your oncologist and see what he/she says about taking it. Margaret

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Thanks, Margaret, I hadn't thought of that ... I'll certainly bring it up with my oncologist on my next visit. Carol

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We have a product in New Zealand called FEMONE which is a natural HRT therapy that helps with the hot flashes caused by Tamoxifen ( I had minimal problems with Tamoxifen but I was already 10 years post menopause anyway) FEMONE has evening primrose, red rasberry, black cohosh and several other natural produts that are known to help hormonal problems. Try & see if it available in US. I am sure it is made there. Love Pam

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