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No Subject

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looking for a cervical cancer survivor or current patient to give support and information to my mother in Ohio.

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I was diagnosed Aug 2001. I had a cone biopsy in Sept and a radical hysterectomy in October. Just beginning my healing process (physically and emotionally) I am 33, single, and have had no children. I too am looking to hear from other survivors.

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Hi. Sorry to hear about your mom. I was 35 and had my regular checkup and it was normal. 6 months later because I was working in a local hospital at the time, a young nurse asked me to go with her for her exam. I told her I had mine done 6 mos ago and didn't need to go again. She persisteed and I went and was rated a 4 on a scale of 1-4. I immediately was admitted and they did a conization and later a hystorectomy. Having
already had 4 kids by then, they did the historectomy. Imagine, if I had not gone with her, I'd be dead now. Well, I'm now 68, and thanks to the lord I'm still cancer free. Tell mom it works. Also tell mom that if your dad is still with her, there is absolutely no problem with sex. Once you get the go ahead from the MD, GO FOR IT. Your sex drive is not affected in any way. Take hormone replacement if advised, and LIVE, BABY, LIVE.

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I am currently a patient with stageIV cervical cancer.M cancer is in regression(no responding to treatment. I will support your mother and I support you for continuing to support her.

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I was diagonised in dec 1999 with stage I B cervical canccer went thru radiation and brachytherapy ...relapsed in the lymph in 2001 April went thru chemo and radiation...ask her not to worry ..ask her not to worry and do help her ...she needs all the support.

All the best

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Hi there! I'm currently dealing with cervical cancer, I'd love to connect with others. 

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Hi Tooky,


this is is an old post but there are other ladies here going through cervical cancer treatment.  I have cervical cancer.  Diagnosed 2A in November 2011.  Had a recurrence in dec of 2012 which makes me the equivalent of stage 4B.  I'm sorry that you are dealing with this disease but am glad that you found us.  

If you want you can start a new thread.  I hope things are going well for you.  Hugs.

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