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Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

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I am new to this group. I have been reading some of your stories and they are encouraging. My boyfriend was diagnoised with NSLC approx. 6 weeks ago. He has a 8 cc tumor on the lung that has spread to the treacha and the brain (4 spots on the brain)surgery is not an option. He is currently undergoing chemo & radiation (radiation aggressive to the lungs, neck & brain). Chemo was started with Taxol & Carboplatin and was changed to Cisplatin which seems to be helping reduce the tumor on the treacha. Needless to say he is extremely sick he has 2 1/2 weeks more of radiation to go. I would love to hear from people going through similar situation.

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My wife is in 4th week of treatment nsclc stage IIIb N3 M0 - medistinal chest, sub and supraclavical nodes involved - Same chemo as your b/f started on plus 60 cGy radiotherapy over 7 weeks with external boost to primary and supraclavical tumors - I can't offer you anything from my end but I am interested in knowing the outcome of your b/f's initial treatment regime - also what was the second line treatment? Most important, how is his quality of life? I am hoping for some good days - I sure hope he is doing well and that you are holding up. AS you can see, my inquiry is for selfish reasons, I am hoping that your b/f is doing well which gives me some hope. - God bless and strengthen you both

M Cosnett

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