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headache after AC infusion

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I seldom get headaches but have also had two AC treatments and both times had a dull headache that lasted the entire second day, but not enough to take anything except my Zofran!
A friend reported to me that she gets a very bad headache - has had three AC infusions.
14 days approx.after, I am in the worst shape with mouth canker sores, swollen tonsils etc.

Good luck to all of us! Jean

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Hi Jean, Try sucking ice chips during your A/C infusion to avoid the mouth sores. Also try to drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated after the infusion; it might help you with the headaches and flush the chemicals thru your system. Margaret

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Hi Jean - Did your nurses or Dr. tell you about rinsing your mouth with baking soda? I did this after eating every meal - and had no problems with my AC chemo treatments. Also, you need to drink lots of water - that is very important. Good luck and my prayers are with you.

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hi jean, I was told to suck on ice during the red stuff [Doxorubicin?] because it constricts the blood vessels and keeps the drug from going to your mouth.The only problem was it's hard to suck on ice for very long and i too got awful mouth sores the first time...after that I brought a small ice chest and a quart ofr sherbert and slowly ate it during the entire infusin of the red stuff. That worked and kept my mouth cold enough so i haven't had sores since..of course i'm getting really SICK of ice cream!! did your dr. give you medicine for the sores? the headaches are probably from the anti-nausea medice they drip in first ...try taking some headache medicine right before you go it. that has helped me...lindy

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