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Low Red Count

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Hi, everyone! Just want a little input. WEnt for my counts yesterday. I am 1 week out of my 3rd chemo. I have been very tired the last few days & have not slept at night. My RBC was 31.5 and the nurse said that I need a Procrit shot BUT my insurance requires that my count drop to 30 or below before they will pay for the shot. If I go ahead with the shot it will be $500.00!!! She explained that next week is when my WBC bottoms out & may need Nuepogen again. Therefore, if my red count is lower next week I will not be able to get the Procrit due to the need for Nuepogen!!! Crap! These insurance companies are running the business of our doctors caring for us and it PISSES ME OFF!!! Any feedback on this ??
There I've had my little fit...I feel better now. Ya'll have a good day- Love & prayers- Mel in Arkansas

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Hi Mel,
Sharon in Louisiana here,
My doctor started me on Procrit Shots this week for low red blood counts. I will be taking one per week, (don't know for how long though). Anyway there is a study that is being conducted for breast cancer patients where you can receive the Procrit shot for free. The company that makes the drug pays for the medication, all you have to pay for is the doctor visit and fill out a questionaire about the quality of your life each time you receive the shot. This is what my doctor has me on. You may want to ask your doctor if he knows of this study (It could be a new study) as I am the first patient my doctor has put on the study. I don't know what my count was so I not sure of any type of requirements to get into this study. It's worth asking about though. Have a nice day, hope all goes well for you.

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Hi Mel. Challange your insurance Co. Have the MD call and tell them how important it is for you to have the Procrit immed.Sometimes if you give them a hard time they reconsider things and give you what you need! Good luck! Cathy

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I think cathy , has a good idea, when I took a prescription to the pharmacy and it wasn't covered, my pharmacist actually called the insurance co. told them i need it, and got them to change their minds, so it does pay to challenge them....lindy

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Dear Mel

If your insurance co won't come to the party there are plenty of natural ways out there to help boost your red blood count. If you are a meat eater a lot of good red meats will help as will green leafy vegetables. Also a natural health supplement especially for women would be a great help as it has the folic acid etc needed for the body to correctly absorb the iron. Give it a try & good luck with the beaurocratic fight. Bloody insurance companies. Love Pam

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