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Confused and newly diagnosed

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I have been diagnossed with prostrate cancer-Gleason 8 - three out of sixteen positive in biopsy. Had bone scan everything is fine there. Doctor wants to operate. Nobody seesm to be in much of a rush. Is this OK. Does the fact he wants to operate lead him to believe it is contained? He did say he was going to check by lymp nodes when he does operation.What are my options? Are seed better. It seems everything I read is confusing and contadictory. If anyone can help I wouod appreciate it.

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Prostate cancer is generally slow growing, that may part of the answer; the other may be that you have only seen an urologist. They like to operate. I suggest you take all your records to a comprehencive Cancer Center CCC and get a second opinion. However with a gleason score of 8, it is important to take some action, prostate and other cancers do not wait for anyone, you probably have an agressive cancer thant may may be slowed by combination hormone treatment CHT. Dennis

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A Gleason 8 is sure to fail with only surgery. May I suggest some readings.

"Who Should/Should Not Have Surgery" at http://www.cooleyville.com/cancer/cacawhop.htm

"Lets Discuss Failure" at http://www.cooleyville.com/cancer/cafail.htm

"Surgical Removal (RP) of the prostate" http://www.cooleyville.com/cancer/carpsur.htm

My web site at http://www.cooleyville.com/cancer is a non-commercial searchable site about prostate cancer. It is a virtual encyclopedia of information covering all aspects of prostate cancer. It is a searchable, 1,000,000 word database with about 450 web pages. This is the equivalent of three or four normal books. Besides it is kept current, almost daily, and therefore has all the latest information. It is completely non-commercial and was developed by me after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I still maintain it without help - either money or development. In addition, as a part of that site,

I have all of the latest Abstracts on prostate cancer at "Searchable Prostate Cancer Abstracts" at http://www.cooleyville.com/abstracts .

Now add about twenty prostate cancer discussion groups that you can ask questions directly to other men and women who have had experience with prostate cance. You can see them at http://www.cooleyville.com/cancer/cadisgr.htm. Together It is the largest prostate cancer site on the web developed and owned by an individual and covers pre and post diagnosis information, treatments, studies and discussion groups - and much more.

Don Cooley
Email: cooleydd@pacbell.net
Web: http://www.cooleyville.com/cancer

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Hello Don!

You seem to know a lot about prostate cancer. I am a bit scared because my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer 2 weeks ago. His Gleason score is 6. DO you think surgery would work for him? he is 54 ....

I am waiting to hear from you
thanks for your time

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SHANAR, if the Gleason is less than 7 and the PSA is less than 10, and Bone Scan shows no spread of cancer, you should consider/explore Iodine 125 or PA103 seeds or other types of radiation, RP is noted for bad cases of incontinence which the urologists will not tell you about. Get a second opinion from a CCC. Dennis

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Visit the chat room on thursday nite at lycos.com, health, prostate cancer, chat. Surgery was not one of my options so i am not aware of all the ramifications. Your age and other things are significant factors in the best treatment for you.
There are a couple of very informed individuals who monitor this chat room and can give you some good advice. The decision will ultimately be yours as to treatment. Don't rush into a decision. Get a lot of input before you decide what is best for YOU.

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Dear Sull,
For what it's worth, here is my experience. Prostate cancer was diagnosed some 10 months ago, Gleason 6, contained. Doctors said radical surgery and seed implant had basically the same probability of success. Decided for seed implant as it is far less intrusive and supposed to have lesser secondary effects. Did it six months ago. PSA came down from 8.6 to 2. I suffered no incontinence at all. Impotence is another story: it just got worse as weeks went by, and has become total these days, Viagra being no help. I have a permanent urinary tract inflamation, very painfull sometimes.
Doctor says PSA will come further down, it takes sometimes 2 years to nadir. Inflamation will go away. Keeps silent on impotence.
My daughter's father in law had a Gleason 8 detected at about the same time as mine. Went for radical surgery in December. Cancer had spread out to seminal vesicles. Is now undergoing hormone and radio therapies in native Toronto. Total incontinence and impotence. Had to stop working.
My impression is that above Gleason 6, doctors tend to prefer surgery.
I hope this may have been of help, especially concerning the questions you should ask your doctors. It goes without saying that hearing more than one medical opinion is essencial.
The best of luck to you.

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I was diagnosed in july 99 and had RP in August. I was told that I would have incontinence to some degree. It became total. I was also told that I would have impotence. Radiation can cause incontinence and impotence. It seems that most treatments have sideaffects. I went for the RP because the reocurrence rate was very low. The incontinence has been taken care of and so has the impotence. It took a while to get back to work because of other problems. I function almost as I did before the RP Good luck in your decision

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Am a little lost on how best to use this website so I hope I can get back to this. Glad to hear that someone's impotence got better. After 3/5/01 RP, mine is still pretty dense. How did you get rid of yours? Have tried Viagra, pump, and ring so far with minimal results tho very slowly improving a little...

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Sull, I gave a previous response to this concern so I will try to not repeat myself. You can find treatment plans at this and other sites including the MDANDERSON web site. You have a number of options. generally radiation oncologists do seeds on persons with PSA less than 10, Gleason 7 orless, negative bone scans, life expectancy greater than 10 yrs. Gleason scores above 6 can be fast growing, evidently your doctor thinks your cancers are not. I would go to a CCC for a second opinion and then make my decision if I were you. This is an opinion from a person who is NOT a physician. Dennis

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My urologist wanted to operate, my oncologist wanted to do conformal beam radiation - both when ASKED voluntered that I was a GOOD prospect for seed implant. After much research, wife's input and data from ACS sources and some other doctors via email, I DECIDED to have the seed implant.
I had hormone therapy pre and post implant surgery.
Sull, bottom line is.... it is your body and you need to make the decision after you have taken in all of the best information and professional data available. Take someone with you trust to meet doctors and is able to ask and listen. I found myself not hearing anything except that I had cancer.
Contact ACS for someone who may be in your area, same disease and willing to attend meetings with you, a one on one mentor. I know they (ACS) has toyed with this idea for some time. Contact your LOCAL office if need be and explain what you are seeking.
If, I can help further advise. Good luck and God bless.
Joe Nutter

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Hi Sull, please email me at rapiddavid@yahoo.com I would like to talk with you, thank you,,,Dave

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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2002, after the results of my biospy (6) were taken (2) came back infected with cancer. I was given (4) different approaches to resolve the problem, my Gleason score was (5). In addition, the doctor explainned the potential for a full recovery was good because of the low Gleason score and early detection.

You asked he question about seeds, medical information is only up to 10 years involving the results. It's understandable you are confused,I associated fear to having cancer, but the focus needs to be placed on surviving. The healing process can take around 1 year.

Follow your doctors instructions is important in order to regain as much of your male functions as possible.

I think aniexty causes confusion, but it also can helps us to make a decision. I don't believe anyone welcomes being diagnosis with cancer, but it's important to consider the best approach for you and your family. I would like for you to consider this "most men die from some form of prostate cancer, but thats not what might have caused their death". GOOD LUCK. Step59.

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Hi confused and newly diagnosed. Tell me what the PSA reading is. Have you read up on, or asked your doctor for some options. I am 70 years old, and went through this at age 60. I opted for surgery because I wanted the oncologist to see if any lymph nodes were involved. They were not. However, the tumor lay against the gland wall and he wasn't sure if he got it all. Turns out he did't and the next year I underwent radiation. Surgery, at that time, wasn't as clean as it is now. Lots of nerves were cut or damaged, leaving me incontinent. Today, they are able to leave all that intact and incontinence is not a problem, usually. You must make the decision. If you have more questions, contact me.

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