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hair does grow back!

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For the record..I decided to take special note of when my hair starts to grow...it is defintiely starting to sprout and it is exactly 6 weeks since my last chemo..I had four AC chemo...so do not despair! to all those sending me messages, thank you and I will try to reply soon...just recovering from mastectomy and trying to work too, so not a lot of energy left over...radiation starts mar 27..Love susan

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Hi, Sue!! Didn't realize you just had surgery---actually, I probably did, but I had my second A/C chemo today and my brain is like a seive!!! Hope the surgery went well. I know what you mean about the no energy. It took me several days to get some stamina back---taking care of a 5 month old baby was my "work". Don't work too hard, be sure to "do only what is important to you"---for me that is EVERYTHING!!! :-) Anyway, I am glad to know about the approximate time frame for my hair to start to grow....except that I will probably lose it again just as it is coming back in---when I start on Taxol. I finish the A/C chemo on Apr. 17, begin 6 weeks radiation about May 7, and then will have 4 treatments (1 every 3 weeks) of Taxol after that. Doc told me that my hair would just start to grow back and I would lose it again...UGH!!!

Must go....the baby needs to be put to bed. Thanks for the promise of hair to come!! :-)
Do hope that you are getting along ok. You certainly are brave to go back to work so soon after surgery. What do you do? I'll continue to keep you in my prayers.


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Wendy, the hair on my head actually started growing back while I was on Taxol! So maybe you won't lose it. 6 weeks after treatments, I'm finally seeing little stubby eyelashes. I'm so excited!!

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Hi Sue. You might find it useful to use a baby hair brush on your new hair until you get "full" coverage. Mine grew back curly but then straightened back out after a year. Blessings, Margaret

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