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I have a lump in my leg

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Hi ladies, I need some insight. over the summer my dog hit the bottom part of my leg,right on the bone, with his leg, the pain was nauseating and it hurt like a bugger for a few days and I had a bruise and a bump, then it went away and I never thought about it anymore. Well, in the past few weeks the bump is back and it hurts and hurts to push on it. I am going to go to my family dr and see if he can get a bonescan ordered before I go to my onco in jan. I am a little nervous that it is cancerous. But am trying not to worry. Any insight?
Thanks a million.
Hugs from Tiger

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Hey Tiger, you are too fierce to worry about al little lump.
I will pray for you. i think you are right to try to get bone
scan done right away. I wish I had insisted on my Family
dr. ordering mine when I was first diagnosed, but she
felt the oncologist should order it. then I would not
still be waiting for results now.
But when you have any mets. bumps etc are dangerous.
Best to check it out as soon as possible.

I enjoy all your posts so much. A long time ago as
a little girl and as a teenager I was one of those tourists
who invadeyour town in summer as my family
all loved to fish.
I live on a steep hilside in West Virginia with my
husband and 5 dogs.
hugs to you this new year

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Tiger, think beautiful positive thoughts. I am praying for you. I really hate this ******* beast. Anything that happens to us our first thought is recurrence or mets. I'm glad you are taking the bull by the horns and getting something done right away. Love, Jane

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Hi Tiger! It's Maggie, I will keep you in my prayers. The lump is probably nothing, but you are right by having a bone scan as soon as possible. I will not tell you not to worry, because I know what you are feeling like. Take care and let us know us soon as you know. Maggie

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Hi Tiger: Aw, just go ahead and worry! But i won't. Won the bet on Maggie's lump, and I am on a winning streak! If you dont want to worry though, could remind yourself that worrying won't change anything, and the money is as good as in my pocket! Love Susan

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Well, I thank you all for your prayers and your support, I am really not too worried,it hurts so it is a constant reminder, but worrying wont change whatever it is, so Sue, if you win this bet, When we meet at Pams place,I will buy you a night with the cutest ,most tanned beach bum we can find!!! Just kidding,but I do thank you all for your support,i love this site, it is amazing how quickly we respond to each others needs, I feel like you are all the sisters I always wanted but never had.I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
Hugs to you all.
Tiger xoxoxox

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Tiger ~ Just keep remembering the accident with your dog - perhaps something happened recently that you don't remember to cause it to flare up. I know I've had many bruises that I can't remember getting! I will keep you in my prayers for peace, Tiger. I hate how we immediately think recurrance when we have a pain. Please keep us posted!

Prayer and positive thoughts to you .. Jody

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Dear Tiger = I am so glad that you are getting the lump checked out with a bone scan - because, yes, we never know and are always thinking the worst. Keep a positive attitude and my prayers are with you.
Love, Lucy

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Dear Tiger. Have been away for 2 days so only just read your post. Try not to worry too much (some hopes I know) but you are right to get to have it scanned. Very often an injury site can develop a cyst and this is what this sounds like to me so that is what I am strongly praying for. It's so hard once you've had BC not to attribute everything to the ******* beast so the sooner your mind is at rest the better. I am praying for you my friend. Love & hugs. Pam

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