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Hi, I'm New, new here, only 2 weeks today past masectomy

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Hi everyone,
I read a couple of the messages so far and wanted to jump in and share.

I am in very good shape after a bilateral masectomy on dec. 8.
However I had to fire the surgeon when she refused to honor the oncologists request to implant a port for me.

She also did some ofther dumb stuff like having me hold a totally unsanitary paper gown against a bleeding drain site
while she pulled all the staples that she was going to pull and the nurse stood by and cut tape strips.

(The tape was even on e of the ones I am allergic to.)

It has not taken me long to learn to stand up for myself in the treatment world.

My spirits are good, mostly due to tremendous support from family and my true friends.

I will enjoy sharing with you as I travel this road.
AC chemo is to start 1-9 if my new surgeon has the port implant done by then.

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Glad to have you join us - you will certainly learn a lot on this website and everyone here is always ready to help you with any concerns or questions that you may have. I am so sorry to hear about your problems with your surgeon - and hopefully down the road with your new surgeon things will work out okay. It is surprising to hear all that happened to you from your surgeon. Of course, you never know - and it is always good to stay aware of what is going on around us. I also had a masectomy and four treatments of the AC Chemo. It is not unbearable - but if it helps us, we can stand it. My first and last treatment were the hard ones - more nausea from those two. All during my chemo treatments, food did not taste good - but I ate anyhow. You need to eat to keep up your strength - as the chemo takes a lot from your body. I lost all my hair within the three week period after my first treatment. I had my beautician shave my head when it started coming out very much, because I could not stand seeing it fall out. I had my last treatment on Aug. 29th - and my hair is growing back in now - about 1 inch long now. I still have to wear my wig - but I can not wait to get rid of it. I will never complain again about having to "do" my hair! Food now tastes really good to me also. I am now on tamoxifen and having no problems to date.
I wish you all the luck in the world and if you have any questions for me, I would be glad to help you. The Good Lord will see you through this, as he has all of us.
In Christian Love,

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welcome! i too am having AC, just had 2nd treatment. 2 to go. As previous writer said, the effects vary. My first was rough, then second not so bad excpet tiredness greater. I have mastectomy coming up, had a parial, but found another area, so now have to have full, probably end of february. then radiation and tamoxifen. I have lobular carcinoma, with lymph node involvement. I am 55, and live in british columbia, canada. yes, the rewards of finding out how much family and friends care is great isn't it. and i have a new zest for life, believe it or not. you sound great, but dont be scared to come here on low days, too. the ladies here are quite wonderful. susan

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Hello Lucy. Glad to have you join our group. I am so sorry you had to learn to fight so soon, but then again, glad that you did so now you are not afraid to stand up to your doctor. You must remember, if what your doctor tells you doesn't seem right, question them. This is a job for them just like we all have jobs. I had to fire my first oncologist because she treated my tumor and not me, the patient. She would not answer my questions, when I would be in the hospital she would not come past my door. She made me feel like I had the plague. Anyway, you will find all of us very helpful in all ways. I am sure you will have lots to offer too. Keep in touch. Jane

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Dear Cher
Welcome to our merry band. You will find all the ammunition you need to fight here. Truly this group has given me so much strength especially when I was so down when my cancer came back after 19 years. Everyone has helped me to find the will power to fight again & I'm winning again. My response to treatment has been excellent & I hope yours will be too. You will get all the help & encouragement you need here. Keep on questioning & learning about what's going on with your body. It's the only way. Love & hugs to you and stay "on line".

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