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Tamoxifen & Childbearing

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I am a cancer survivor. Right now I am taking Tamoxifen. My doctor said that if
I want to become pregnant to stop taking Tamoxifen for 6 months to clear my body
since this drug can have severe side effects which could be malformation of the fetus.
I would like to know if there is anybody out there that has become pregnant or had children after being treated with
Tamoxifen???I would really appreciate any answer.

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Hello, I am 32 and I am currently being treated for met. breast cancer on the lung. I am taking Taxol and it has really worked well. I to would like to have some info. about having children after chemo. I hope you get some info. I pray God will bless you with children.

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Hi I am 35. Iam in going into my 3rd year on Tamoxifen. I am inquiring if anyone has gotten pregnant after they completed they the cycle on Tamoxifen. Due to the type of breast cancer I had I did not freeze my eggs. If anyone has any insight on this I would love to hear. .


Thank you 

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