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Stage II endometrial cancer

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My husband's cousin just had a hysterectomy last Thursday and they found Stage II endometrial cancer. They are telling her the only treatment is hysterectomy AND they left her ovaries. Do any of you know anything about Stage II endometrial cancer?

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I know that the survival/cure rate for the 'regular' uterine cancer is in the 90% range, and not nearly as aggressive and fast-growing as UPSC. She may have had all the treatment she needs to feel safe. But I'll see what I can find. (((((Deanna))))) You doing okay?

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This is the week before chemo, so I am feeling very good. We have done a lot of traveling the last few days, so I am a little worn out, but feel good. We traveled from Missouri to Indiana and back over the weekend for a funeral. My SIL's FIL passed away and we wanted to be there for her and her husband. I wasn't really sure how I would feel, but I did it and I feel good. It was kinda nice to get a change of scenery.
I'm going to do a little researching too. Thanks for the reply.
Congrats on getting through treatment #5 today. I hope you feel okay over the post treatment period.

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Hi Deanna and Linda is right if it's not the aggressive kind like we have she should be fine.

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Thanks for the reply. My understanding from what my MIL said, is that it is endometrial CA, but I haven't had a chance to talk with her yet. She is recovering from her surgery, so the next time I feel like traveling, we will probably go see her.

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I was "kind of" diagnosed with endometrial cancer May 2021 The biopsy did not confirm the diagnosis but MRI showed a tumor in the uterus. I was originally just going to have a hysterectomy but when the tumor was discovered it was decided to proceed with 5 wks. of chemo/radiation to shrink the tumor then do a laproscopic total hysterectomy. That is shceduled in 3 weeks. I had no side effects from the chemo/radiation and feel perfectly fine now. I am questioning the need for the surgery. It has not spread to any other parts of my body and there is no lymph node involvement. Of course the surgeon is recommending surgery. I am wondering if there may be any alternatives to surgery? I am very concerned about the risks. Has anyone else had laproscopic surgery following chemo/radiation? I know typically the reverse is done - surgery then chemo/radiation but mine is reversed. If I proceed that is. 

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For me, my laparoscopic hysterectomy was much easier than chemo or radiation. I think I took a couple of pain pill the first two days that I was home, but I never needed them after that.

The discharge instructions after my surgery stated "patient may shower I no baths/ no heavy lifting/ activity as tolerated." The bathing restriction was to keep the surgical stiches from getting too wet while they healed.

As for lifting, I live alone and had my sister and a friend help me with the weekly change of the litter in the cat boxes since the cartons weighed more than the 10-pound limitation I was given. The lifting restrictions lasted about 4 weeks.

I found getting out of bed by myself difficult after surgery until I watched a helpful video posted online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heEvgDc4w90

I did have to give myself Lovenox injections for 30 days after surgery to prevent the possibility of blood clots. But nowadays these prefilled syringes come with such ultra-fine needles that I didn't find this particularly difficult.

Those of us who have been on this Board for a few years or longer have seen a number of women, even with Stage 1 or 2, recur and some, unfortunately, did not survive their recurrence. The best time to prevent a recurrence is when you are first diagnosed and undergo comprehensive treatment.

And final staging isn't done until you have surgery. In my case, an ultrasound and CT-scan before surgery didn't indicate that the cancer had spread outside the uterus. So I went in expecting to be Stage 1 and learned I was Stage 3B after surgery.

I'd personally have the surgery so that I would know that I'd done everything I could to prevent a recurrence.

See also the Board's FAQ for a link to a discussion named "Tips for surgery and after?"

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