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Pathology results are in

LindseyChristine's picture
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Joined: Aug 2021

Well, here they are. Apparently a rare subtype of RCC? Has anyone heard of this? Anxious for my follow up appointment on Tuesday, so I can stop googling 🥴

Right kidney, partial nephrectomy:
- Renal cell carcinoma, eosinophilic solid and cystic renal cell
carcinoma subtype
Specimen laterality: Right.
- Sarcomatoid features: Not identified.
- Rhabdoid features: Not identified.
- Tumor location: Right kidney.
- Tumor size: 3 cm in greatest dimension.
- Histologic grade (WHO/ISUP grade): Not applicable.
- Tumor focality: Unifocal.
- Tumor necrosis: Not identified.
- Tumor extent (macroscopic and microscopic):
- Tumor limited to the kidney.
- Lymphovascular invasion : Not identified.
- Surgical margins: Negative (2 mm from the nearest parenchymal
margin, A3).
- Involvement of adrenal gland: Adrenal not present in the
- Lymph nodes: None submitted or found.
- Pathologic staging (8th Edition, AJCC):
- pT1a: Tumor 4 cm or less in greatest dimension,
limited to
the kidney.
- pNX: Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed.
- Non-neoplastic findings:
- Tubulointerstitial chronic inflammation.
- Other findings: None identified.

Comment: The tumor is well-circumscribed and non-encapsulated, with
solid and cystic growth pattern. Tumor hemorrhage is also noted. The
solid areas exhibit compact acinar growth. The tumor cells show
eosinophilic, voluminous cytoplasm with coarse cytoplasmic granules.

lobbyist0724's picture
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HinLindsey, i have heard of it and recalled it ia a new subtype and with more indolent behaviour! Indolent is good!

"Eosinophilic solid and cystic renal cell carcinoma (ESC RCC) has been recently described as a unique and indolent renal neoplasm, found in female patients with and without tuberous sclerosis complex."

LindseyChristine's picture
Posts: 13
Joined: Aug 2021

Definitely hoping this is true for me!! 

Bay Area Guy's picture
Bay Area Guy
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Try as much as you can not to use Dr Google.  I did when I was diagnosed and it drove me crazier than I already was.  Too many sites with too much conflicting information, plus half the sites are trying to sell you some quack "cure".

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Looks like a good report stay off internet you will be fine just don't miss Your scans

stub1969's picture
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Lindsey--I'll be curious what your doctor says to you about this.  I've not heard of this subtype, so I'm eager to learn from you.  

I'm hopeful you hear the same as what Lobby says.  

Keep us posted.


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sounds like a great pathology to me! I haven't heard about this specific subtype, but I did read that being cystic in kidney tumors is very good prognostic sign ! :-)

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