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Partial Nephrectomy in the morning for 4.5 cm tumor on the bottom of right Kidney

Bob White
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Joined: Aug 2021

I have been reading the comments about the surgery and the information is very good and I appreciate it. I was wondering wh7y my surgeon said I am not allowed to drive for three weeks? Is it something to do with driving or just riding? I wished I had asked him but I was processing the whole "you've got cancer info".


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Joined: Jun 2020

After my partial (for a 4.5cm tumor as well, ironically), every little bump on the road caused me pain. 

The ride home from the hospital was pretty rough, and it took a while before I felt comfortable driving/riding in a car. 

3 weeks sounded about a right, but it took me almost 6-8 weeks to feel "normal" again driving around because of the weird sensations I had. 

It goes away though.

Bob White
Posts: 2
Joined: Aug 2021

Thanks for the reply. I'll have a one hour ride back home after surgery but I've done it before. I am just wondering if you have a history of Kidney stones?

Posts: 31
Joined: Jun 2020

Just have whoever is driving you be very careful around dips and speed bumps and you should be ok :) . I had a 20 minute drive, it was fine, but i did feel every little bump. 


I don't have a history of kidney stones.

donna_lee's picture
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1-you'll be sore in spots

2-post anesthesia, your reaction time will be slowed

3-if you begin a motion and it hurts like hell, you may not be able to control your reaction or complete a turn of the wheel

4-if you are on pain pills, don't drive

5-the biggie that I heard from my brother was that auto ins. doesn't want you on the road, in the event you are in an accident.  Auto ins is the liability carrier and not your medical ins.

6-Dr's don't want you come back with further injury after surgery, as it may not be easily reparied

7-and yes, you can ride, with a seat belt on

Speedy recovery, and hugs


eug91's picture
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Also, bring a pillow as a passenger. Depending, you might be more comfortable with a pillow to keep the seatbelt from resting directly on your soreness. 

Best of luck with your neph! We're with you - you're going to do great! 

AliceB1950's picture
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Joined: Jun 2019

After the first week, I had no trouble riding as a passenger. I probably could have gotten out and about earlier, but I wanted to practice getting around at home first. My favorite possession was a soft hand-sized sponge completely covered in chamois. I'd tuck that into my waistband to protect the largest laparoscopic incision. Besides protecting the area, the gentle pressure felt so good. I wore elastic waist pants during recovery. One thing I wish I'd gotten before surgery was a pair of overalls so I wouldn't have had anything against my waist area - but it depends on the location of your tumor where you'll have your incisions. Good luck!

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Joined: Apr 2020

I remember when next day afer surgery wife drove me home,it was painfull i not recomend drive alone!

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