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New and anxious *UPDATE*

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Hi...I'm 48 and a few days ago I had some pain all along my right side and ended up in the ER. After a CT and some other stuff the dr said I had a UTI and a soft tissue mass on my kidney. She didn't really go in depth for the radiology report and I had to wait two days to see my GP and have him read them and talk to me about all of it.  I have a 4cm soft tissue mass and there was no sign on the CT of any other problems or swollen nodes, he did say that these sorts of masses have a high probability of being malignant...although the CT report didn't say it was, it said an MRI was needed. I am worried...since the mass is on the right he said it was good sign there wasn't any problems or lesions seen in my liver, bladder or lower lobes of my lungs so I am currently worried but hopeful since my CT only showed a problem in the kidney. My MRI should be next week so I am hoping my anxiety eases....I just don't know what to do.


UPDATE had my MRI 1 wk after the CT showed a mass.....the MRI confirmed a mass 4.3cm was suspicious for neoplasm so I am off to the surgeon. MRI did show no sign of lymph node involvement or met. I wasn't  disappointed by the diagnosis, I had excepted that probability already and I am relieved there is no sign of met. I am ready for surgery and anxious for that to be over so I have a better idea what I am looking at. Everyone's stories have given me a lot of hope for years and years to come and I am thankful that you are to answer questions because I am sure I will have many.

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Sorry you had to join our forum, but I'm glad you found us - this is a great group here. All of us have been through what you're going through, so we know you can do it, too. You're gonna get through it and you're gonna do great. If you have any questions or concerns or just need to vent, we're here for you. 

The anxiety and shock and not knowing what to do is totally normal. No one expects this. But the good news is that you know - and now that you know, you can deal with it. 

First piece of advice: when you go in for your doctors visits, bring a notebook/pen or smartphone with you. The information will be coming fast, and your head will be swimming trying to understand it all. So bring something so you can write it all down - then you can look things up later or ask us. 

Second piece of advice: be wary of Dr. Google. Advances in treatment happen quickly, so a lot of the information online is only a couple years old but is WAY out-of-date. 

As for your mass, you'll know more after your MRI. Fortunately you caught it when it's only 4cm. Some of us didn't catch ours until they were much larger (click through our usernames and you can read the details). 

Fingers crossed for you in the next few weeks. We're here for you - let us know how things go. We're with you and you're gonna do great - you've got this!


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eug91 says it perfectly!!  Even with his advice, I still used Google and it scared me to death!!  I am four months post op from a radical nephrectomy and  I'm fine and the doctors feel confident that I will live a very long, normal life (regardless of the negatives I found on Google...because it was all inaccurate or outdated).  The shock is real and the anxiety lasts a while.  Try not to google and try not to overthink it....the doctors will guide you and provide the best possible treatment for you.  

Prayers that you get the best news possible and we ar all here for you!

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Bay Area Guy
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Eug's post pretty much says it all.  The only thing I would add is, if it's possible, in addition to recording the visit on a smartphone, bring someone with you to the appointment.  My wife went with me to my first (actually to all) appointments and remembered some of the questions we wanted to ask that I had forgotten because of my nervousness.

Keep us informed.

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Thanks for all the help and insight! I think more than anything I`m still in this sort of stunned phase where I`m still not quite sure what has happened.

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Welcome to the group - I wish I had found it as early as you did. As the others, I agree with Eug's wisdom as usual. I would add that if they are allowing another person at your appointment, take someone along who is a good listener and note-taker. It's a lot to absorb, both facts and emotions. Take a list of specific questions. This is such a difficult time - "the unknowing" - your mind will come up with all kinds of things. Just keep breathing - deep breaths help - do whatever helps you lower anxiety as you wait. I don't post as faithfully as others on here, but I do think about and pray for all of us daily. Take care ~

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