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How is NED determined?

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Hello! My mom just finished 8 rounds of Carbo/Taxol and is in a Keytruda trial. She is going for a CT scan right now (I'm praying hard).

I was wondering how NED is determined? At her last CT scan, which was after Chemo #6, there were still 2 lesions. Does the lesion have to go away completely and no new ones to say NED? Does it need to shrink to a certain small size? And is NED only given after a period of time?

Thank you for your kindnesses. 

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but to the best of my knowledge NED means just what it stands for, which is there is no evidence of disease. On a scan there are no visible tumors or lesions. Or anything else remotely suspicious or "enhancing" with contrast. As in my first post-chemo scan there were 2 small fluid collections in the area of my pelvis where the surgeon had worked hardest to obtain "optimum debunking." My ONC then wanted to be sure they were just that....seromas left over from my surgery. It doesn't mean definitiivly cancer free because there may still be microscopic cancer cells present that don't show up on a scan. A PET is thought to be much more accurate in detecting cancer because with a glucose injection cancer cells "light up like Christmas."

I wish the best for you and your mother. 
Hugs and Prayers,


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Thank you, alicia2020, for that information and sharing your experiences. My mom was nervous yesterday going into the scan. That is interesting about the PET. I will share that with her and she can ask her doctor.

Now, waiting for the results . . .

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This site explains the various terms used to explain what "cure" means for cancer patients.



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Thank you, cmb, for that website. I learned a lot from it. I appreciate your help!

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