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Apparently, the Phase 3 trial for lutetium-177-PSMA-617 had positive results.
From what I gather, lutetium is now a treatment for PCa as well as a contrast agent for use in its detection.

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Hi Bill,

Lu177-PSMA treatment has been in action since 2016 in some clinics in Germany and Australia. I am not aware of patients that managed to eliminate the bandit for good. However, several patients with wide spread metastases have benefited from the therapy shrinking the number of existing lesions to a fewer number that could be treated later with spot radiation.

In the USA, several places have been conducting clinical trials for the past three years but patients had to payfor the stuff.  Typically Lu177-PSMA is administered in only four shots (8 weeks apart) under strict vigilance as it could cause liver and/or kidney failure. Recently, there have been trials to test newer PSMA isotopes healthier to substitute the PSMA-617 that seems to be behind the cause of the accumulation of the radiopharmaceutical at those organs. I wonder if it is better than chemo in terms of the side effects. 

Overall the results are good in those where the PSMA is prevalent (sticks well to cancerous cells), showing drastic declines on PSA levels and lesser number of detected positive spots in PET scans, from the initial data pretreatment. 

Here is an earlier link on the subject;


Thanks for providing the article. 





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