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Channeling Pepe - Happy 4th July

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To all of our American forum members - which I am not - American, that is.                    

fourth of july emoticon

May you have some fun, this weekend. Food and family, and maybe a firework display to brighten the night sky - which we are not, becasue of extreme fire danger. 

Only a handful of you will understand the subject line.  Pepe (pepebcn) was one of our frequent posters, until his untimely passing. He used to brighten the forum by asking what we were doing on our weekends, in his wonderful, broken English. I think he lived in Spain - https://csn.cancer.org/node/199691 -

Gone, but not forgotten, Pepe.  


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I remember, RIP Pepe!!!!.............................Dave

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He lived in Barcelona...was one of the first European members that I recall here.

He was a gem!

His "what are you doing this weekend" was an inspiration to all...kinda reminded us to get out and enjoy life.

Among so many others who have graced this board with their presence, he is sorely missed.

Marie who loves kitties

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Pepe! What are you doing this weekend? Gosh that was such a relaxing way to end stressful weeks, especially treatment weeks. It allowed you to feel normal for the weekend. We were all ourselves on those posts, not cancer patients. Gosh his passing was so hard. 

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Gold ole Pepe, he would always comment that my Thanksgiving Turkey was way to big to ever put in his oven.  We always bought a 23 pounder or bigger for Thanksgiving and living where he did, they didn't make an oven that big.  Pepe, you are cooking a big turkey in heaven and enjoying every minute.

Hugs to you! Kim

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