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NCCN Guidelines

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The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) has just issued a new version of its Uterine Cancer guidelines. While the patient-centered version hasn’t been updated in a couple of years (see its link in the FAQ), the comprehensive guidelines intended for clinicians are generally updated once or twice a year, with more frequent updates when new research or treatments justify an update. You do need to create a free NCCN account to access the clinician-focused guidelines.


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I was interested in both,the professional as well as public sections of NCCN.

Thank you for guidance.

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Just a heads up that these guidelines include survival odds, which I wish I'd known before I read through them.



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Molly, please remember, you are a statistic of one.  

Thanks, cmb!  

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I can't help but think that if only I'd even gotten the patient version / booklet early on, I'd have been so much more informed and felt so much greater relief. 

I am again grateful. Knowledge is power.

Also, thinking of Molly110, I've read so much about so many different women at this point that I think NoTime has it just right. You are a statistic of 1. 

Today is a hard day for me, but I'm so glad for the knowledge. 

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