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Hey PhillieG Let's Talk Guitar

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Something that I want to ask you.  Saw how you are going through things.  And keep on kicking it man.  

On your profile caught a couple of things.  Photography (one of my big things, and shooting for a baseball team this year kept me going through chemo) and guitar.

Have neuropathy in hands and feet.  Finally tried playing again thinking it can help with the hands.  Very weird feeling.  I sort of kind of can play, but not really.  Kind of.  Weird feeling.  Because of neuropathy looking a bit at my hands, because I am not quite on point.  (And this is stuff I wrote)  Very surreal as if not part of me - going through the movements but then off.  Did playing help at all?  

This is one of the truly weirdest feelings.  It is all ingrained for what I am trying to do, but there is a curious distance.  Actually kind of interesting, but so strange.

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I still have mild neuropathy in hands and feet but it really didn't affect my playing much. One thing that was very tough was when I was on Erbitux. I would get split fingertips and I would have to crazy glue the splits together as well as tape them all up so I could play. I was in a sort of "Band" then. More like a couple of a guys getting together to jam but it was a regular thing.

Overall I've found it to be incredibly therapeutic both physically and mentally. I've been on eof those off and on players. Cancer brought me back in. Of course I don't play as much as I'd like nor am I as good as I'd like (or feel I should be considering how long I've been at it) but I'm utilizing some online resources again and have started to go to open jams. I almost had a banjo gig for an HBO Christmas party. The house band in my brother's department is going to play "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow" and no one there plays banjo. I can fake it well enough but "they" decided that since I wasn't an employee I can't play. The ironic thing is that a few years ago I lent my Telecaster to my brother so he could use it at a summer concert they did in NYC. The guy who vetoed my banjo playing is the same guy who knocked over my Tele and put a real nice chip in it!

Back to your question...I didn't really notice any dexterity problems, they were more "technical" problems.
My advice, keep playing! I certainly don't think it will hurt and I have little doubt that you can get back on track with practice.

Here's a Video from a few years ago...Look for fun wherever you can!
I've suffered for my music, now it's your turn!

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Sorry you got burned by someone like that.  Lend him a tele then kicks you out.  Sounds like you are pretty darned good to also play the banjo and "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrw."  I need to watch the movie again, keep on catching bits and pieces since I originally saw it in the movie theater.  

Very cool you are picking it up again.  Basically I stopped for the most part after the last band.  Played in NYC for a long time, CBGBs and all the other clubs.  Sort of always the bridesmaid and never the bride in terms of who we played with who went on to other things.  The last band started having bit of momentum, college airplay and added heavily for a couple of weeks.  Then, alas, Bryan Adam's song struck again, singer got married, drummer divorced and all the rest. So it feel apart.  But it was a blast being able to do that whole scene in NYC for awhile.

Picked up the guitar again last night.  Played a bit more, but the neuropathy is enough to through me off enough that I find myself looking at the fretboard.  Also had serious chemo brain when I forgot how to play a Dm.  (Grabbed some chord sheets to play a couple of songs that I forgot.)  Was hoping that in the morning my hands would be all better due to the guitar, but not yet :)  Regardless, I am going to try to play more and record.  I have done a couple of things for some videos I have shot, but want to get back to songwriting.  And with the power of computers and iPads, I have no excuse not to have a recording studio right near me at all times.  Photography helped a ton this summer and guitar probably will also.  



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Usually I do not bump things.  But here is a post from back in 2015, about 3 months after I finished my FOLFOX.  

An example of his talents and kindness.

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It is important for us to see a post from him. 

Gosh, I am hurting for his loss. For our loss. 


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