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Orgovyx vs Lupron

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Orgovix is an antagonist similar to Firmagon. Lupron is an agonist therefore working differently at the pituitary.  In regards to these drugs' side effects, antagonists are friendlier but Orgovix is tied to increased interactions with other medications, vitamins or supplements,  requiring attention. 

These three drugs manage to achieve the purpose in lowering the levels of testosterone in body circulation equally but Orgovix is 5 times more expensive than Firmagon and 10 times more expensive than Lupron.

Orgovix is available in pills (for daily use) wherever Firmagon and Lupron  are available in injections. Firmagon is taken in monthly doses. Lupron can be bought in doses for one-month, three-months and six-months shots.


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According to a Harvard Medical publication Orgovyx suppresses testosterone cto optimal levels in four days  vs almost a month with Lupron and the rerurn to normal testosterone

levels is much faster after treatment is stopped than with Lupron.  I would like to know how to find pricing information on the drugs and side effect comparisons.

Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

Antagonists like Firmagon and Orgovyx achieve faster suppression of testosterone than an agonist like Lupron.
They take it down to castrate level in days as opposed to a month.
Side effects are broadly similar, as most of them are due to testosterone deprivation.
Reckon on a recovery time equal to the time you have been on them, if you do long term treatment then you may never recover at all, you will be castrate for life without the op!

Best wishes,


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