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Necrotic tumor and radiation advice

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Hello all ,

                 " Mostly Necrotic Tumor consistant with recurrent adenocarcinoma " that was the biopsy results which stopping at the first three words I thought was a good thing . Until I read the rest and my dad's oncologist explained dead cells in a tumor often are around cancer . I always assumed dead cells in a tumor was a good thing but clearly I was wrong yet again . So now oncologist is saying radiation and small dose of 5fu for treatment which of course will happen in about a month after more waiting and more appointments which are getting really annoying . Radiation is risky as it is but they seem happy to just  let it go and grow some more and make some more risks it's so frustrating . Anyone have any idea's for supplements to slow tumor growth ? we need some if you have any that would be awesome .  

         Now to the radiation part of the post the concern is the small bowel hanging in the way of my dad's cancer . I researched several different ways they do radiation anyone know the most targeted best way ? I know photon is the best but the cancer center doesn't have that . Also just read that tumor necrosis can mean the tumor is aggressive and has a poor prognosis google really bite me in the butt finding that out . So if anyone has had or knows anything about tumor necrosis that would be helpful to just looking for all the information I can to help my dad out . 

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That I have nothing to offer you in the way of tips.  
From reading your posts I can see what a caring and thoughtful son you are to your dad, and I just wanted to offer my support to you.. hoping that the docs can find a treatment that will help,your dad.  


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