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I have been following a company called Imugene and their clinical trials seem to be really promising . They are starting their 2nd human trials. I really hope they continue to have good results. if this treatment works it will totally change how cancer is treated. no more chemo and radiation for many people. fingers crossed

Here is their link to their website, info on CF33 and a link to an article about CF33 & colon cancer if anyone is interested. 

Imugene (ASX: IMU)

Oncolytic Virus CF33 — Imugene (ASX: IMU)

Oncolytic Virus CF33 Shows Promise in Colon Cancer Treatment (ajmc.com)

Imugene is also on facebook 

Stay safe


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Thanks for the info!

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thanks for the information!  I will be reading up on this!

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here is a link to download the latest newsletter from Imugene if anyone is interested. they are talking about their latest new treatment. exciting stuff. 


Newsletters — Imugene (ASX: IMU)

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My hubby is on chemo pill and Immunotherapy. his Cea continues to rise. He feels pretty good still exercises, takes some supplements, but each blood draw is scarier as those numbers go up. Any input?

Thanks in advance!

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Scans are the most reliable source regarding his condition.

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My Oncologist refused to do CEA or scans during chemo, as he said that treatment can mess with the results. 



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