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11 years cancer free

Michaelynn Member Posts: 83

Went to the oncologist today and he said I don't ever have to come back and that I am a success story. My journey started in 2010 when I started bleeding after a pap test. It took 2 years before I got the correct diagnosis. Had a complete hysterectomy and them chemo with carbo/taxil for my combination Endrometrial Cancer and Uterine Serous Papillary Carcinoma (USPC).  Followed by Brachytherapy Radiation which did a real number on my vagina making it very narrow and not exactly straight anymore. Thought I would never have sex again. But come to find out there is a fine line between pain and pleasure and I have found that place. So at age 70 I am still enjoying sex with my husband. All in all it has been a rewarding and exhausting journey from the lows of "Oh my God I have cancer and I am going to die" To the highs of " Your Ca-125 is looking good and your another year cancer free". It has made me appreciate many things in my life more just knowing that it can all be gone in an instant. There was another woman my age who went through everything the same year I started that opted not to do the Brachytherapy Radiation part and last year came down with cancer of the vaginal cuff which they having to rebuild which means more surgery and more chemo and possibly radiation. I would advise all you ladies to do the Brachytherapy Radiation. Its in your best interest as it really does pay off in the end. I know mine is not the normal outcome with USPC and that many of you are still fighting the battle. I hope you can take some hope that it is not always a death sentence. Keep up the good fight. I admire you all.


  • cmb
    cmb Member Posts: 751 **
    Great news!

    Thanks for checking back in with us to share this wonderful milestone, especially with your mix of Endometrial and UPSC. So happy for you (and your husband too!).

  • Forherself
    Forherself Member Posts: 609 **
    Yes so nice of you

    To share your good news.  It looks like today is the anniversary of you joining the discussion board.  Remembering this board is very sweet.   And here's to another 10 years cancer free!

  • Fridays Child
    Fridays Child Member Posts: 226 **
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    What great news!

    Thanks for coming back and sharing it with us.  Congratulations and best wishes for many more years cancer-free!

  • Maxster
    Maxster Member Posts: 93 **
    Exciting News

    Thank you so much for your post.  Whenever I read a success story such as yours, I am filled with joy and hope!  I am one year NED from UPSC.  I underwent the chemo and had full pelvic rather than brachytherapy due to a suspicious node.  But your story brings me such hope!  Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing.

  • LisaPizza
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    Fabulous, it really is

    Fabulous, it really is encouraging! I just had my 3 year check up yesterday (stage 3a endometrioid), and oddly find myself feeling more nervous about making it through the next few years cancer-free than I have been for a while. So what timely great news to hear from you :)

  • oldbeauty
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    Thank you for sharing your good news!

    There is never enough of these good news postings.  Best wishes for your continued good health.  Oldbeauty

  • Frances081920
    Frances081920 Member Posts: 27
    May God bless and keep you,

    May God bless and keep you, you are an inspiration. Do you have any words of wisdom regarding diet, exercise or supplements? I too have UPSC but have just started my journey, finished brachytherapy and chemo Feb. 3, 2021, CT scans NED and CA 125 normal Feb 25, 2021. Hope to be celebrating just like you 10 years from now.

  • NoTimeForCancer
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    Michaelynn - this is just the

    Michaelynn - this is just the GREAT news I needed to see today!  THANK YOU for sharing this with us.  

  • Quilter_1
    Quilter_1 Member Posts: 117
    Awesome news and very

    Awesome news and very inspiring.

  • LSpry
    LSpry Member Posts: 3
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    Wow, Michaelynn, that is an

    Wow, Michaelynn, that is an awe-inspiring post! I am USPC and in between #2 and #3 of the Carbo/paclitaxel chemos with brachytherapy in the wings for the fall...I'm actually doing pretty well so far; I have incredible support with meals and farm work and so far I've only missed riding my horse two days following these treatments. As you say, it's so different for everyone and I"m grateful for all of the good, lovely days...but to think you are a ten year+ survivor is very heartening. I, like the others, thank you for coming back and telling us about your success! Here's to the next ten yearsKiss

  • woodstock99
    woodstock99 Member Posts: 117 **
    Wonderful and encouraging

    Wonderful and encouraging news! 

  • Kaleena
    Kaleena Member Posts: 2,059
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    That's fantastic!!   Thank you for sharing your story!