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HAPPY BIRTHDAY beaumontdave!

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You are a rock, here on the forum.  

Your wisdom and friendship are without doubt, appreciated. 

We all wish you the best day, as you celebrate another year, regardless of the thing they call age. 

Happy day, my freind. 


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Happy Birthday beaumontdave! 

Thanks for all the kibd words and encouragements! Really appreciated! Hope you have a nice b-day ;)


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Happy Birthday to you!!!  If you have single candles on that cake be careful not to burn your beard or the house down, lol (my husbands bday was full of candles but he didn't burn anything :)

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Dave you always have a way of calming us all down. We're so grateful for you as you walk us through your experiences as they give us comfort and hope. 

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Hope you have a wonderful day and got to do something special.


Real Tar Heel
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Happy birthday!

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Canadian Sandy
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Have a good one!

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Aren't birthdays the best?! Hope yours was filled with fun and joy.

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Hope thing accelerate in goodness!


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Thanks Sue and folks! It was a pretty nice day ''wasted'' on food, fun, and family, and I'm always pleased to know that it's done with for some time , as of today, lol...................................................Dave

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You are such a kind person and I hope you had a great birthday!

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