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Immunotherapy question

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So do they try immunotherapy for anyone who is MSS? I was looking up trials the other day and they all had to do with mutations or MSI (of which my dad does not have). From what I understand being MSI or having mutations is more rare so I'm just wondering why so many trials? I mean, of course if it means cures for those people that is great. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the whole thing anyway :/

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I found the book "The Immunotherapy Revolution" by Dr. Jason Williams an interesting read.

Real Tar Heel
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There is a study with MSS patients with a high number of mutations present who are treated with Keytruda, they have had some success, so you would expect some money to go there. However, I think the pharma companies are putting their money behind mRNA targeted therapy for MSS tumors, however. That's a sign of the confidence they have in the tech, unless these docs are great salespersons. It's probably more the speed with which docs were able to come up with a COVID vaccine using mRNA therapy that is turning heads.


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The speed had a lot to do with the research into corona viruses that has been going on for years. But I do hope that this proves to be a route to the cure I have been holding on gor.

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