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Hi Im Izzy and im not a cancer patient but my mother has stage 4 and I know it has spread to lungs and lymph notes. she was diagnosed september 2020 and she had complication from a surgery she had so she didnt start first round of chemo until at the end of January. BTW my mom is a diabetic and was told her cancer was estrogen driven.  It is a recurrence and Im very well aware how it may sound but i have faith that she can beat this. she did it once and she can do it again but at the end of the day god has final say. Anyway I have several ?  

One of my ? is has anyone else had bad reaction to chemo? my mother did so i dont know what they are going to give her for replacement she cant tolerate the carboplatin anymore. she supposed to have 2 more rounds left. 

The good news  her blood work always comes out great I was told from the nurse she would never think my mother was a cancer pt looking at her blood work and her cancer almost completly cleared except the lungs I was told she stable there .That was told to me before she started her 4th round of chemo before she had the bad reaction:(

honestly chemo can only do so much the rest you have to do also. My mom change to keto diet after she was diagnosed. she take 1 metforimin pill 500mg am and pm also one insulin shot at night.I started her on usana pills along with AHCC pills . I think that is why she done so well so far. 

I think it was a lady on forum her name taking control i think im sorry i cant remember her name but she mention a list that worked for her. I was going to do some of them she listed but read that magnoli aka the honopure is not really good for estrogen cancer so that sucks. I went and bought ginger root  and MCP. I was also thinking of asking my mom dr about the low dose aspirin .

BTW Has anyone else try MCP? It in econugenics online store it the MCP= modified citrus pectin Have any of you guys heard about it? Obvioulsy her lungs are being stubbron if she "stable" so im trying to think of things she can eat and or take to help her chemo work better.  Im open for any adivice you guys can give me godbless

I will list now what I give my mom incase any of you are interested in. 

Usana pills

Vita Antioxidant- 2 am and 2 pills pm

Core minerals- 2 am and 2 pm

proflavanol c200 - 3 pills am and 3pills pm

biomega - 2 pills am

vitamin d - 1 am and 1 pm

coquinone 100 - 1am and 1 pm

Now the other pill i order from amazon the AHCC I get Kinoko Platinum brand

Ahcc -  says 2 to 4 a day so I have her take 2 am and 2 pm

Now this is what I plan to add 

550 mg Ginger root pill at night

MCP I heard it good for mestactic cancers from what I read so far

Hopefully i get the ok from her doctor to use aspirin low dose

and maybe Alpha lipoic acid still debating on that bc MCP takes cares of toxins and metals in your body supposedly so im thinking i may not need the alpha lipoic. If i do i plan to get  either the 400 0r 600mg.


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    I'm sorry you have to be here

    I'm sorry you have to be here, but it's great you are advocating for your mom. 

    I did have a bad reaction to taxol. It was a severe reaction and though they tried to desensitize me, it didn't work. I ended up taking adriamyacin and carboplatin. One of the alternatives for carboplatin is cisplatin, but as I could handle the  I stuck with that.

    I'm not sure about supplements. After chemo and radiation, my doctor started me on Letrozole which is an estrogen suppressor. One side effect is bone pain, but the dr had me take vitamin d daily, and I don't have any bone pain. I've been on it for about 3 years now with no recurrence. I was stage 3a.


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    Hasn't been logged in since mid February so may not see this. . You could go to her about me page and email her. She is always so helpful so I believe she would respond to you directly. 

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    Thank you all so much for the response :) god bless