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Hurting and waiting..

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I had the biopsies last friday.. They didn't hurt, minor bit of cramping, but it lasted most of the day.

Every day the spotting got a little worse, as did the pain. Today I switched from pantiliners to pads and the pain is steady.. Normal?


Still no results, she told me they would be here Monday or Tuesday but plan on Tuesday so figure I will tell her about the pain and bleeding when she calls...


Not knowing is rough and I'm scared of having either the d&c or hysterectomy as it is.. I'm not afraid of the procedures..I'm not afraid if its cancer.... I'm afraid of the drugs.. My body doesn't like drugs...I hurt..


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She gets back to you today. I know it's hard. Try not to deall with more than the next step. Even if it is cancer, there aren't necessarily drugs afterwards.  As far as the surgery, I only took the potent stuff the day after surgery. Tylenol worked fine after that. Who knows, I may not have needed more than  that that first day but as a nurse I'm trained to be sure you keep ahead of pain.


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 I got through the biopsies too, and never realized til long afterward that most women cannot tolerate them. I say that to encourage you that if your experience continues to be like mine, you won't need to worry about drugs after surgery.  I was given Tylenol in the hospital by IV, and sent home with a pain med but never once needed it.  I did take tylenol for a couple of days, until I realized I didn't need that either.  I'm cheering for you! I had a DaVinci robotic procedure and the recovery was amazing.  Hardest part was remembering not to lift anything - you may feel so good you forget you have restrictions, and you definitely want to obey those no-lift orders. One stop at a time. You're doing great so far.

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Most women have more pain with bipsies done at the doctor's office than with the D&C or the hysterectomy, since those are surgeries.

I only had pain after the hysterectomy when I had to get up from the hospital bed to go to the bathroom. But it was probably because I didn't know how to get up from that tall bed. Other than that, no pain. A nurse came over and asked me to rate my pain from 0 to 10, and I said 0. She said "it can't be 0!" (she didn't believe me). So she gave me Tylenol on IV. And then at home, I never took anything. With the robotic surgeries they do now, recovery is so easy.


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If by drugs you mean chemo, I would venture that everyone who gets chemo is afraid. I was petrified but I did fine and now I am NED . It is not pleasant but it is doable and the feeling of being told I am currently cancer free is unbelievable. I would go through it again if I need to. If you are talking about drugs for pain, I had relatively little pain and did not need any strong pain meds after my hysterectomy with tubes and ovaries, omentectomy and lymph node dissection. I rested and concentrated on getting better and my faith helped me. I will pray for you that God will bless and keep you. 

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Thanks for your replies.  all the biopsies came back good. I will have the D&C in a few weeks and then wait for results of it..

. The drugs I fear are not for pain or chemo.. Thankfully I have a high pain tolerence. It is whatever they choose to give to knock you out. I have been out 5 times for different procedures and all 5 times were difficult. 

I am both med resistant and med sensitive. Last time I was in hospital I spent 10 days on cardiac ward I had my team of Drs in my room telling me if they had 100 patients like me come in 99 of them would have been fixed. I had ivs in both arms and was maxed on multiple meds with my body showing no reaction.. I have a meeting with my Dr before the d&c and I will ask her if it's possible to have it while conscious with no meds..

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I don't think that's possible. However, general anesthesia isn't required. I did not have general anesthesia for my D&C, but whatever they used - I don't remember anything after arriving in the room.

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