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5 year anniversary

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Joined: Nov 2015

Well it’s hard to believe today marks 5 years since my final chemo infusion and end of treatment.  My external radiation was done in the beginning along with chemo, vs sandwiched in or at end of chemo.  I was diagnosed at age 54 with Stage IIIC1, Grade 3, Mixed 50% Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma (EAC) and 50% Uterine Serous Carcinoma (USC). I don’t come to this site very often any more, but figured I had to post to acknowledge and make it official!  I wish you all well.


TeddyandBears_Mom's picture
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Joined: Jun 2015

Congrats Nancy! Huge milestone!!!!!!! I hope you are enjoying every day of your life.

Love and Hugs,


Posts: 1584
Joined: Jun 2012

Wonderful, wonderfu, wonderful!

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Posts: 345
Joined: Feb 2018

Fantastic news :)

Posts: 557
Joined: Oct 2018

Very grateful to you for coming back and posting this.  You cannot imagine how encouraging it was for me, when I first was diagnosed, to see these kind of postings.

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Joined: Mar 2017

That is very good news! Congratulations.


Posts: 92
Joined: Apr 2020

I am happy to hear your good news.  I was diagnosed with Stage3C, Grade 3 serous cancer in September of 2019 and am coming upon my first anniversary post treatment.  To see your post of 5 years NED is very heartening.  Thank you for sharing this.

Posts: 316
Joined: Oct 2017

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your great news with us!

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Joined: Oct 2015

I'm so happy for you, Nancy!! I was diagnosed in August of 2015 with UPSC, Stage II or III (incomplete staging). When you read the statistics for our type of cancer, it's amazing we're alive after five years.

Here's to five years more and another five, or maybe even another ten!!




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Posts: 323
Joined: Jan 2018

What wonderful news for you -- and such uplifting news for all of us!


NoTimeForCancer's picture
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Joined: Mar 2013

Congratulations!!  CELEBRATE!  We appreciate the visit with the great news.  

cmb's picture
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Joined: Jan 2018

Five years is such a milestone since studies show that the chance for a recurrence diminish significantly after that time. Thanks for coming back to share this wonderful update, Nancy. So encouraging for others (including me!).

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Joined: Feb 2018

Thanks so much for the encouragement- we are celebrating with you!

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Joined: Jan 2021

Wonderful news, Nancy! Gives me such joy. I am IIIA and heading toward chemo #3.

Posts: 65
Joined: Jan 2021

Wonderful news, Nancy! Gives me such joy. I am IIIA and heading toward chemo #3.

Posts: 65
Joined: Jan 2021

Wonderful news, Nancy! Gives me such joy. I am IIIA and heading toward chemo #3.

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Joined: Jun 2017

Thank you so much for sharing. Such an encouragement especially to those ladies just starting this journey. Wishing you many more years of NED!

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Joined: Oct 2020

Thank you for sharing this news. It gives me hope.

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