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There's always something new right around the corner. . .

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Yes something to beat KRAS mutation. Unfortunately it is not the mutation my dad has but who knows (if my dad will ever need it, not for now). But maybe the next one is around the corner?

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As I mentioned before, when I started Lonsurf was not yet approved for colon cancer.  It eventually was approved.  It has kept my lungs and lymph node tumors stable (some shrinkage) for almost 10 months now.  A couple of new spine tumors, but overall keeping the biggest problems down....

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Your experience with Lonsurf has encouraged me.  I'm starting it today.  I've had 5 infusions of HER2 amplified targeted drugs and doc was concerned that while some mets disappeared, others appeared.  We're hoping to get a bit of a charge from the Lonsurf.  I've got a couple of liver mets and a few small lung "things".

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Always something new around the corner is what keeps me going and keeps me positive I will make it!

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I just ran across the article as well. Hope to see more advancements like this.

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