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No resection

Tom M.
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 Well at Penn State yesterday I got some good news and some bad news. My liver and lungs are responding to the chemo but with nodules on my lungs I can not have a liver resection. Oh well, I'll see my Onc on the 13th and see where we are going. I do feel really good though. Taking it day to day. I am an ex wrestler and Army vet, I am dug in and plan to fight.

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I know it just feels good to get that Cancer out of you.  Keep on trucking with the old chemo, and hopefully the mets will shrink to the point of no return.

Have you, or have you thought of getting another opinion on the surgery?  


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That stinks terribly, Tom!  But, hopefully chemo will shrink them and surgery will be an option.

Praying for you always!

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So sorry to hear about the nodules, I was told the same thing about not being a candidate for surgery by Oncologist, however a lung surgeon that specialised in cancer said he could take out a lung nodule......but no need to as it was shrinking and calcifying. So maybe another opinion? Praying things work out!

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I feel like on this forum, a few people have mentioned lung mets that are "stable" could be partially necrotic cells or calcifyed, and yet my doctor has never once given me that hope. He does say it is a good scan because nothing increased in size, but has never once mentioned that sometimes with lung mets, staying the same size might include celss that are not active cancer anymore. I wish he would, as this concept is what helps me feel like I am going to make it.

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The only clinician that was willing to tell me that was a lung surgeon that specialised in cancer, i think he has seen so many scans he feels comfortable identifying fuzzy white spots as cancer, or necrotic tissue or partially calcified etc. The radiologists and Oncologists seem to mostly rely on the readings and do not want to overextend themselves in any fashion, if you know what I mean? In my opinion of there is no growth for a long period of time its a darn good thing!

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Thank you! Yeah, I think they also are araid of giving false hope if it isn't 100% proven. I did have one radiologist put herself out, and say that the size included inflammation. 

And thank you for always indulging my questions about this. This is literally what is giving me hope that I will make it to my dream of being a little old lady with many cats since I am not a surgical candidate.

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At least it's good that the treatments are working.  Hoping that the appointment on the 13th goes well and they can give you some news on maybe when they can operate.  Thank you so much for your service. 


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