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It is NED

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Hi all, just want to share my 51st-month scan reports and so glad uncle NED visited again! Hope he keeps coming back each year!

This time, I did Ultrasound, CXR and bone scan (because of the bone island). All came back as normal. Except it mentioned kidney stone is forming, but guess it is a lesser concern!

Thank you Donne_Lee, a_Oaklee and Medic1971 for giving me the courage to take the optional bone scan!


Wish you all a happy and safe holiday!

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Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

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YES! Great news! 

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Canadian Sandy
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About 16 months ago as requirement for Prostate surgery. Ned even thogh my Prostate Biopsy was a high number. Need 2 years on non detectable PSA to be comsidered cured after surgery. At 14 months after Prostate surgery so far.

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But, I wouldn't miss it!  Keep that fluid intake up, so the stone can pass without issue.  


Take care!


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