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questions about process

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I have a "friend" who has surgery done very recently from September 17, 2020, and it appears nothing has grown back for at least one month.

Apparently, he has a hard time sitting still for long periods of time. What can he do to minimize this pain?

He feels scared because he doesn't know how to sit still.

He is already getting regularly checked up by a doctor.

Since October 5, he has been in the hospital and supposedly won't be out until Wed October 21.  He told me earlier he'd be out October 12 Mon and October 9 Fri.  before that.  Is this typical for a hospital or for kidney cancer?

I'm not sure what to think.

Thank you.

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for any one to give a reasonable answer.

Sitting still should not equal pain.  Additional hospitalization cause ??? and for over 2 weeks?  What type of Physician did the surgery, how invasive (lap or open)?

A general answer to the gist of the letter is that he shouldn't be in so much pain that he needs to be hospitalized.  Cancer does not grow back in a month; if the doctor made sure margins were clean.  The possibility of a reoccurrence in another site, such as a lymph node, would probably not be found unless there were comparison CT's a year later.

He/she should be asking the Dr.


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Bay Area Guy
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Agree with Donna.  Unless there were some severe complications, it's unheard of to be in the hospital that long for kidney cancer surgery.  Pain being experienced can be treated with the use of pain medication (taken responsibly).  Your friend indeed needs to be talking to his doctor/surgeon.

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So, basically, this "friend" isn't telling me everything he should.  
He isn't so much of a friend to me as I'm not in a position to visit him in the hospital while/when he is in there.
I have to take his word that he is in the hospital and that he really is still there.  

I don't know anymore details of the surgery.  I'm not in a position to dig for details, but I do feel it would be appropriate for me to ask if there is more going on.
Thank you for your help both of you.

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