One year NED Today-

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From the Prostate. Eighteen plus years NED from the Kidney (still have a US  in 8 weeks).Whth Prostate in 17  more years I will be 94.






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    Congratulations I'm glad I met you on here oh and by the way your as young as you feel

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    Wishing you all the best

    That is such good news on the prostate. You gave me such hope when my kidney cancer was diagnosed. I though it waa curtains! Ive just passed 7  years NED, never thought I'd get there. Keep on keeping on.

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    Way to go!

    Congrats to you, and you wife for putting up with you. :)


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    That's great news! Thanks for your encouragement!

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    Congratulations!  You are a

    Congratulations!  You are a beacon of hope and positivity for us all here. Good health for you!

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    Wonderful news ?

    Wonderful news ?

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    Great news!

    Very happy for you!

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    good news, and happy for you

    good news, and happy for you

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    Congratulation! Iceman!

    Congratulation! TQvm for sharing with us the news. Keep it Up! 

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    Congrats! And here's to many many MANY more years!