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Pain and Stomach Bulging Post-Op

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Hi everyone, I had a partial nephretomy back in February due to stage 2 RCC and am still experiencing pain anytime my stomach contracts or when I try to lay on my side. My incision is pretty big , 8-9 inches or so, and I have a relatively small frame. I notice my stomach buldges now and everytime I wear tight pants it aches very badly. When I seen my Urologist back in June he said it was probably subcutaneous fat. I am extremely self conscious about it and recently had a coworker ask me if I was pregnant because I was "buldging out", I was completely mortified. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing something similar, or how long those symptoms tend to last. My next CT scan is in November and I'm hoping everything turns out okay. 

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My Neph was 18 years ago. I have hadd 2 itger surgeries in yje past Year. Prostate and Gallbladder removal and no Buldhe.









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I was terrified about having a bulge and I hated mine post-surgery. Seeing it made me feel lopsided and I was worried I'd be like this forever. In my case, things started to improve at around the 6 month mark, and then after a year I couldn't see it at all. 

That being said, there are rare cases where the bulge could be a sign of something not healing right. If you're experiencing pain, it couldn't hurt to just check in with your doctor and ask. Don't be afraid to advocate for yourself. 

Welcome to the boards! 

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I had a open full nephrectomy 4 years ago and I'm still a bit lopsided and I feel bulgy. On my last cat scans it says I have a hiatal hernia. I'm thinking that is what is causing me to feel bulgy or tight in the area by my incision scar. At any rate, I'm kind used to it. Definitely wear more stretchy pants than jeans these days. Welcome to this group hope you find some good answers.😊

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