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My husband Pet Scan result is negative.

But he has a small lump at the back of his Leg when he got the Pet Scan on August 24 size is about 1.5 cm and it doesn't shine on the scan. We got the result last September 10.

We talked to his doctor about the lump, doctor said have to wait for 3 weeks if it grow it means relapse.

My Question is;;

Is the Cancer cell sometimes doesn't shine on PET SCAN? What I know is it falsely shine when you eat have lots of sugar.

Thank you in advance..


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There is some important detail missing.
Is this result from the PET typically taken 3mths AFTER last trtmnt cycle?  (you mention the DLBCL and infer remission)

There's more good news from that PET than anything to dread.
Doctor's attitude seems proper; to remain abundantly cautious.

I'm popping-in to suggest you further research PET Scan "shines".
A PET looks for HIGH METABOLIC / CHEMICAL activity. Hence the reason they suggest not to exercise the 24-48hrs prior and minimize physical activity.  (ideally well rested/relaxed body)
I'm a bit chatty and the tech suggested I stop talking before my PET so as limit activity in my throat (or used a loophole to get me to STFU)

First, they most likely verified your husband's Glycemic Index before injecting the radioactive dye.  If too high (or too low), they would reschedule the PET.

As for the Sugar, you're confusing the false shine (lights-up) but you're in the neighborhood. I copied this from the first search I found (easier than me attempting to sound like an authority)

"If the glucose levels are elevated from food or drink the patient consumed prior to the test, the level of insulin will increase. When insulin levels increase, our muscles tend to “suck up” glucose to use in our daily activities. When the muscles take up the radiopharmaceutical, the radioactive tracer may not go to the areas the physicians are interested in seeing, rendering the exam suboptimal."

If this was my back leg, I'd be mildly concerned and just as the Dr suggested, keep an eye on it as well any other lumps that might appear.

FWIW, I still have two lumps (originally three but they biopsied one) in my axilla/armpit from where I first suspected lymphoma. The two remaining lumps are stone-like, the size of peas (pre-trtmnt one firm but still pliable golfball that burst/split into three ACTIVE separate marbles) but no metabolic activity after trtmnt.
My Onc is unconcerned with the two remaining stone-lumps which is good enough for me.

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